Character Details - Bethianos

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 20-Feb-2006 2:39:55 pm

Bethianos;  Silver Dragon


Height: 5'10
Hair:  black shoulder length curls
Eyes:  dark brown

Age:  1,500-2000  (lost count their somewhere)
Distinguishing marks:  Dragon wings she usually keeps tightly bound.   And silver scales on her abdomen to show her dragon self. 

Jewlery:  Silver anklet with a dragon charm on her right ankle that never comes off.  

Betsy is a silver dragon born and raised in Diirlethe.  For much of that time she kept her identity secret to protect herself from the ravages of Nargus and others.   She is niece to Walter. 

Her family was killed in the battle of Laer.   And she is now rather on her own.  She managed to make friends with Foxxy, Melaina, and Catherine as well as  some of the other healers in that war.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sarah Danielle Madison