Character Details - Se'Liene D'Riel

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Race: Forest Elf
Age: 40000 (deceased since Shattered Web)
Height: 5'2
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Emerald Green

Se'Liene was a Princess of the Realm, daughter of King Ry'Den D'Riel of S'Hea. She was the wife of the human King Derwin Modar D'riel of Corin, and mother to Y'roden, An'Thaya and B'Elya. Her marriage was initially one of treaty, but she loved Derwin almost on sight. He took the name D'Riel to cement the agreement between their two Kingdoms.

Se'Liene died of grief after Derwin was slain by Tallin Modar in Shattered Web.

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