Character Details - Adrian Silverbow

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Herbalist Elf

Name: Adrian Silverbow

Age: __

Race: Elf

Heigh: 6'1


Hair: Golden Blond

Eyes: Tanzanite

Occupation: Herbalist

Home World: (??)

Current Residence: CathEska

Appearance: Adrian wears clothes typical of his kind in dark greens, dark blues or blacks. Adrian has made his own longbow with special traits. It will not allow anyone but him to string it and can only be pulled by him. His quiver is full of specially crafted arrows honed straight and true. He carries at his hip a jeweled dagger, which has his crest, etched into the flat side of the blade. When not strung his longbow can double as a fighting staff.

Demeanor: Sensitive, a watcher of things deeply tuned to all things natural. Good with a bow and blade if needed but prefers to find alternate solutions when feasible. Has a depth of willpower as yet not fully pressed to its limits.

Abilities: Adrian knows almost instinctively, herbs and fungi for healing, drugging, as well as a deadly art. He can 'hear' the forest trees and animals but cannot speak to them in spite of the fact he is high elf not forest elf. He is extremely adept in the use of any form of bow and arrow. He can use a sword well but only carries his weapons when traveling. Long lived and hearty he can suffer injury, pain or death if harmed sufficiently. Since embarking on his own a sleek black stallion with silver mane and tail has been his closest companion. He has some measure of sensitivity to the magic arts and due to where he was raised he laws schooled like all of the high born elves in the magic arts. While he showed some natural ability in this regard he chose to follow a more natural course and rarely used his knowledge unless of extreme need. Of it all he favored the arts of the earth elements since these to him seemed closest to a natural course.

History: Born to Yrenic and Pashl Silverbow, Adrian grew up in his father’s Palace almost as a constant source of frustration to his father. Adrian is a lesser prince having two brothers (Hamaak and Lumir) older than himself to fall in line for inheriting in their father’s place. Adrian also has one sister (Eyria) he knows of but left home long enough ago he knows little of any more siblings.
Not one to favor the politics of his station Adrian found himself at constant odds with his parents especially his father. He studied as was required and expected of him but chose to let that knowledge rest for other pursuits. Soon they found themselves in a heated debate that culminated in Adrian’s decision to leave.

He wished no misfortune on those he left behind he simple could not endure the pressure placed on him there. His heart lay in the things of nature so he took up his few possessions and chose to wander various worlds expanding his knowledge of herbology and the powers inherent in the lands.

Currently Adrian resides in the Main village of CathEska. He went there in search of more understanding of the people he heard much of from an Elen elf he met and befriended a certain ‘runaway’ Prince called Galain Alcarin. Soon after arriving there he found he was being blessed by their Goddess and given another name, Del’Nosh.

It wasn’t long that one of the people known as felinumeara took a liking to him and before he knew it he found he felt the same toward her. He and I’Solde Meara had much in common both being healers and as one thing lead to another they found they wished to be united together and thus Adrian found himself as a permanent member of this society with a whole new life ahead not to mention a son Knoah

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