Character Details - Akavian Blackthorn

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Akavian Blackthorn Akavian Blackthorn

Known Name: Akavian Blackthorn

(Dragon form)

Length: 96 foot, snout to tail, in dragon form wingspan 112’ tip to tip
Color: onyx black that almost seems to consume light
Eyes: midnight blue

(Elven form)

Apparent Age: early 30's (human standards)
Height: 6' 10" in Elven form
Hair color: glossy blue black long and loosely braided.
Eyes: midnight blue

Appearance: Akavian wore the Amulet of his believed sire at all times until it was forcibly removed by Nargus through Calla (it cannot normally be removed unless Akav is dead) carved from the breast bone of a Silver Dragon hanging from a DragonSteele chain, which was embedded into the back of his neck. Its removal nearly drove the Black into madness. Now the property of Nargus it is visible in any form and snatched bits of souls of victims, allowing the possessor to use that victim's form and have access to their personality and memories at will. He will callously use the forms contained within to suit whatever purpose he sees fit at the moment. This amulet has signatures indicating it was at one time Nargus’ and has been retaken.

The most common form he assumes is a male elf of undistinguished lineage to blend easily among most elven races.

Akav had the ability through the massive collection of souls within his amulet to conceal his dragon appearance or reveal it as he wished. Now he only changes between his dragon or elven forms.

Personality: While believed to be hereditarily black dragon and silver, Akavian is Black from another race of dragons he is currently unaware of. Only his Mentor Has'ta Ca'ar knows the egg he hatched from came from another clutch originally. He can be coolly ruthless or charmingly seductive even tender. He knows little of his true heritage except his clutchmates save Callan were all slaughtered as hatchlings.

This was the third planet in as many days that Akavian Blackthorn had visited. He still had several more to go in his quest to find where he had come from. Not so long ago the great black dragon had learned he was not of the bloodline he had been given to believe he was from. A document had surfaced from some ancient library near the Keep that had been recent excavated following a restoration program designed to rebuild and restore the regions surrounding the massive fortress home of the Emperor of the Diirlathe, Callan Blackthorn. This document alluded to the brother of Callan having not truly been sired by Nargus.

The allegations lead Akavian to grill every bit of information he could from his fostering mentor Has’ta Ca’ar. At first the gathering of information went irritatingly slow but in time Akavian did get what he could from the former arms master, much to the man’s dismay. Akavian doubted that Has’ta would make that mistake ever again. Still Has'ta did not even himself know the exact origin of the clutch of the egg that produced Akav. It thus took even more time for the great black dragon to come up with the various possibilities from which to begin his quest for his roots. So began the hunt for history and understanding that lead him to this particular planet on his list of possibilities, CathEska.

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