Character Details - Ophelia Axewielder

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name: Ophelia Axewielder
Clan: The Sky Oak Warrior Clan
Rank: Huntress
Age: Appears in her early 20's, human standards
Height: 6' 9" to the top of her head, petite by Centaur standards.
Coloring: Ophelia's equine body is deep sorrel *red-brown*, her tail and human hair being almost black and shot with gold and red highlights. Human flesh is medium complected and tans during the summer. Her nose, cheeks and shoulders tend to freckle as well.
Marital Status: Single, no children

Background: Ophelia is the eldest daughter of Drey and Epona. She is a Huntress, a rank females attain at coming of age, and places her in the fighting forces alongside the males until marriage.

Personality: Ophelia has a rather brassy, forward personality. She is inquisitive, occasionally blunt and generally cheerful. As of late she has become unhappy with her Centaur form, but does her best to hide it. Few, if any, outside her immediate family know the reasons, or how deep this unhappiness goes.

Appearance: Ophelia wears her hair long and loose, it has a natural waviness that makes it appear to move on its own at times. She wears no garment of cover her ample human blessings, and sees no reason to be modest. Body-wise, Opehelia is not much larger than a paint pony, a smaller breed of horse. She is lightly built but deadly fast with a weapon and prefers a cross-bow to a long bow for its mobility and efficiency. Ophelia was trained to fight by her father and older brother, Merrick, the same as Mira and Yarwin Blackthorn.

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