Character Details - Jasmine Darkwynd

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Name: Jasmine Darkwynd
Rank: Senior Pack Enforcer
Height: 5' 8"
Eye color (human) - Warm, clear brown
Hair color (human)- Ebony
Pelt color (wolf) - Rich Chocolate, almost black
Eye color (wolf)- Pale gold

Background - Jasmine was born of a lower ranking family in the Pack and as such, developed a vicious sense of ambition. Determined not to remain at the bottom of the pecking order, Jasmine rose in rank to Senior Enforcer over many long years by whatever means necessary to earn her postition. She is the female that 'made' Demetri and has every intention of becoming the next Alpha female, a postion long left vacant and for good reason...any female competitors silently disappear or lose interest.

Appearance and markings - Dark skinned and exotic, Jasmine is lean and well muscled. She prefers comfortable, silken garments such as saree and sarongs with ornate cropped tops that generally tie between her breasts. She is found most often barefooted and wears gold anklets and toe rings as well as a gold armband incribed with a full moon eclipsing the sun as well as other celestial bodies. Jasmine has a tattoo located on the jucture of her pelvic bone and hip of the lunar eclipse as on her armband.

Weapons - Trained to use almost any, Jasmine prefers a bo staff, a carved staff with double-edged blades set in the ends.

Personality - Quiet unless provoked, Jasmine is also very sensual, cunning and vicious if crossed.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jada Pinkett Smith