Character Details - Demetri Ostavos

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Name: Demetri Ostavos
Race: Once human, now Werewolf - made, not born
Rank: Pack Enforcer
Human Height: 6' 2"
Hair Color: Near ebony
Eyes: Ebony
Wolf color: Black
Eyes: Bright gold, almost yellow

Background: Prior to what is viewed as an affliction by ordinary humans, Demetri was the son of middle class woman, and was addicted to several forms of methamphetamines, as well as an off-world drug, ecstasy. He was and still is a thrill seeker, prefering to push the envelope of what is acceptable and what is not. Demetri is a 'made' werewolf, having been bitten by a longtime lover. Her nature was unknown to him at the time, and it was several months before the 'disease' of lycanthropy blossomed to full maturity in him. For several weeks he dealt with the increased strength, the desires to assert dominance over weaker humans, and the restlessness that made him virtually an insomniac. Insomnia is something he was no stranger too, considering his addictions, however, this was different, and 'coming down' did nothing to end the sleeplessness. (Needless to say, the inexplicable desire to hike his leg at the corners of his couch was something that caused some issues...) Add to that, the fact that the lycanthropy was battling the mass doses of toxins in his system and needed them purged to take full hold on his blood, Demetri went through an incredibly painful, accelerated detox and in the end, wandered lost, disoriented and ranting into the city streets. Found at dawn by the Pack after his first full shift, Demetri was brought to the Draconswald and found his true family, the Pack.

Personality: Quiet and brooding, dark natured. He is incredibly private and there are few that can say they KNOW him. He is, by his wolf nature, incredibly loyal to the Pack and the Alpha Male, but his human, thrill seeking nature makes him a liability to the Pack, which explains why he has never risen past the rank of Enforcer.

Appearance: Tall and of medium build, dark hair and eyes in human form. Wolf form is black and lanky, eyes are vivid yellow laced with bronze/amber. In human form, Demetri prefers black heavy canvas pants, his well-worn black leather boots with a semi-soft sole, a white shirt and black leather vest, beneath which is concealed a brace of throwing blades. His chosen weapon, when needed, appears to be a simple short staff carried in a sheath at his back. However with a twist at the ends, comes apart at the middle and conceals razor sharp blades, effectively making it a pair of short swords.

Scars: Bite marks at his jugular and on his chest, the bites that altered his blood. They are silvery white and are worn with pride at this point in his life. Demetri, as a one time drug-addict, also had needle track on both his arms and inner thighs...these are NOT worn with pride, as with the clarity of thought and lack of toxins in his blood, he regrets handing contol of his life over to something that offered so little in return, and demanded far too much.
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