Character Details - Shya'mrr Hellsbane

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name: Shyam’rr Hellsbane - if you’re lucky enough to get her name…
Race: Half Aerdonian Black, half Red of unknown origins
Rank: Hidden
Age: Unknown

Dragon description:

Length: 36 ft snout to rump, more Terran Asian dragon in appearance than most.
Wingspan: 45 ft
Color: Dark red back and wings, black belly and spikes, claws, horns
Breath Weapons: Fire only
Eye color: Orange with a heart of flame
Two Legger description:
Height: 6’ 1”
Hair: Dark scarlet, easily confused with black
Eyes: Onyx and usually lined with kohl

Clothes: Generally as little as possible, but tends to ‘wear’ black and red corsets that seem to be embroidered with burning lotuses, skin tight red leather ‘trousers’ and high heeled, thigh high black leather ‘boots’

: Carries a black leather bullwhip, wire-thin garrotes, and a set of spikes *approximately 15 inches long and made of adamantine* They swivel on a pivoting ring affixed the dead center of the spike and are worn on the middle finger of each hand. Each end is needle sharp and are used to punch through flesh, not cut. They are carried in a crimson and black brocade sheath which is often mistaken for a small purse or wallet.

: Largely unknown. Only Araxmarr knows the half of it. The race of Crimson which flows in her veins borderlines on being what an angel is to a human and it can be assumed, her lineage belongs to a higher plane of existance. Only known to Rax, her mother was an Arthaem...a mystical dragon from Whispin.

Personality: Shyam'rr's blood tilts to her Red lineage...however, her personality is true Black. She is cold hearted when it comes to giving mercy and has a soul of Fire and Chaos. She does not feel the Rage as her black blood should, it burns cold through her system, rather than hot.

Purpose: Shy is Araxmarr’s Wild Card…she is a ‘cleaner’, the Black Prince Araxmarr’s assassin and also his ‘information highway’. Shyam’rr is the eyes and ears of the Prince when he is…indisposed….Her rank, ties to Araxmarr and overall duties are completely unknown by ANY in Araxmarr’s Guard or House. If she is caught by an enemy, Araxmarr knows nothing of her, she is on her own and will not talk. Shy will take her own life before betraying her liege lord, and the reasons for her fanatical loyalty remain a mystery.

Her presence goes undetected by the Pull, her foreign Crimson blood seems to not react to the presence of another dragon and her smell is not that of a typical wyrm. She can and does actively block any intrusions into her mind, and will not allow ANYTHING, ANYONE or ANY RACE to sniff her out, mentally, spiritually or otherwise. To attempt to read her will result in simply running into a false memory of what she is or a brick wall of sorts. Push it further, she will simply take the life of the nosey person involved and leave nothing behind to send to their relatives...

It is absolutely CRITICAL that her role in life go undetected, or she is as good as dead....She is the watcher of the watchers…the hunter of the hunters….

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Vera VanGuard