Character Details - Daemonorel Ashev

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Name: Daemonorel Ashev (First name meaning Demon of Divine Rage)
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon, pure blood
Rank: First Captain of the Black Guard                                            

Dragon Appearance:
Age: 8800 at the time of Laer Drae Sar'da/The Diirlathe
Color: Sooty Black
Apprx. 55 ft snout to rump
Apprx. 82.5 ft wingspan
Bright green eyes

Human Appearance:
Baby faced, appears in his mid 20's
Sandy blonde hair, medium complexion
Bright green eyes
Medium, but strongly built
Apprx. 6'

Children: One daughter, he is aware that she exists, but not who she is.

Mate: Tia was a dragon of questionable heritage and was killed by Nargus while torturing Daemon in an attempt to get him to spill the names of the other Black Guard. She had disappeared for short time and during this time brought a daughter into the world. Daemon and Tia were freshly soul-bonded at the time when she died and as such, Daemon suffered the Grieving Madness, though not to the extreme level Araxmarr did when Task was lost.  He is currently the lover of Arianne (Silverthorn) Badb Catha.


Daemonorel was sold to Nargus by his own father to pay off part of a large gambling debt... he approximately 15 years old in Human terms.  The young Vesahd of the Imperium took an interest in the youngest son of Rhoannan Asmoor when he was informed that Nargus had decided the boy was more trouble to play with than he was worth and was about to execute him.  He was then 'bought' by Araxmarr who taught him to read and write the Black Speech and arranged for the then Vor'iil of the minor House Asmoor to be educated in swordsmanship, hand to hand combat and battle tactics. 

He went on to become the First Captain of the Black Guard, a faction of Callan Blackthorn's army that is composed of 15 Flights of pure Black Dragons. Each flight consists of several Wings of dragons and make up a group that has been fanatically loyal to Callan Blackthorn for thousands of years. The Black Guard is loyal to Callan only, and still address him as Araxmarr or by his full draconic name, Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da.

This Guard is blood-bonded to Araxmarr, and as such each member is Marked on their right shoulder blade with the Blackthorn Crest, the ring of black thorns with the rampant dragon in the centre. They were the first of Nargus's military force to come to Araxmarr's camp after the heir apparant/assasin began secretly subverting the Emperor's troops. Of these, Daemon was the very first to quietly take the mark of the dragon heir.

After the war for the Keep, Daemonorel becomes increasingly unstable, as a result of being mentally assaulted by A'Runa Charon, an off-worled dragon-caller, used unwittingly by Nargus, through the Eldredae, during the war.  A'Runa  had an ability to 'control' dragons by slipping into their minds and using telepathic abilities to  manipulate their thoughts.  Daemonorel, being the obvious leader of a Flight, fell victim to having his memories twisted and pushed out of place, and was forced to relive the torture he endured in the Gardens under Nargus' hands, and to see his bond-mate die yet again.  This triggered the Madness once more, and over the years, the First Captain has slid slowly back into insanity. 

He is filled with wrath and easily provoked by the time of the Scorched Earth timeline, however, he has been 'marked' by his patron goddess, Ny-emarr, the goddess of death, war and rebirth.  He is her chosen, and has become aware that the threads of his life are being woven in tandem to those of Silverthorn Badb Catha, the Raven of  Nuuruhuine... a goddess of Elemmire and the exact same goddess as Aerdon's Ny-emarr.  She is his Velkh'airee, the missing half to his warrior soul, the Valkyrie of her goddess.  Once he fully accepts Ny-emarr's 'mark' as her chosen, he will become her Bel-ranih, the Choser of Battles, the counterpoint to Elemmire's Choser of the Slain... the Raven.

By the time of Scorched Earth, his sire is dead, a victim of a Renegade assassin, Gideon Crylos.  He and his only known sibling, Dorian Ashev, have dropped the paternal name, Asmoor, due to their sire's dishonorable reputation, and have assumed the maternal family name, Ashev.  House Ashev has been promoted from House Minor to House Major by the Emperor, due entirely to the fact the brother's spent most of their service to the Imperium preserving what few family hoards remained, and adding their own salaries and spoils of war to the hoards. 


Daemon is the aggressive, cruel natured, quintessential Black Dragon. *Of which Callan once said: Black dragons could not get together and cook a meal without killing each other and letting their dinner escape*

He is hot tempered, unpredictable, has an acidic sense of humor and is an all around black-hearted beast. He also has a nasty tendancy to brawl and push people around physically in order to test their mettle. As a Black of Aerdon, he has little use for elves, and will not bother to conceal his near hatred of them.

Daemon does have some redeeming qualities, however hard they may be to find initially. Black Dragons do hold Blood (family) sacred, bondmates, offspring and close family are never to be injured outside of familial disagreements and they are never killed. To kill ones own Blood will get one labled a Kinslayer and leaves ones life forfeit to the first dragon that tracks them down for vengeance.

Once Daemon's respect is won, he is loyal to the point of death if need be, and fiercely protective of those he considers friend, family or comrade in Flight.  He will never admit he is in love with Silverthorn, or that he likes her children, or would like to know who his daughter actually is.  In the past, the people he loved were used or threatened to be used, as leverage against him.


An expert in all blades, Daemon has a fondness for throwing knives, boot daggers, and short swords. *due to a previous typo, this once said short shorts -ahem* Prefers the cross-bow to the longbow. In most cases, if a distance weapon is needed, will use DragonFire and can use said Fire as Callan and Mira does, but will less finess and control over the results.  He generally fights Florentine, with two short swords, however, has no problems fighting with one blade.

Marks and Scars:

Most Blacks allow wounds earned in battle or mating to heal on their own, the exceptions being wounds that are or would be life-threatening. As such, in Laer, Daemon has many scars from former battles, and has recently acquired a set of fine white talon scars on his left cheek from Brandubh Badb Catha. These are all considered marks of honor, and are looked on in high favor by prospective mates.

His wrists are a network of thick, white scars, marks from the manacles he was hung from by Nargus during the Inquisitions,  and  on his back, and chest, just beneath his heart, is a heavy scar from where an Eldredae slayer speared him and punctured a lung, rather than his heart.  He owes Ghetsuhm for his life, as she was the surgeon that patched him up.

Daemon has only one bond-mark, that being the mark he took when first blood-bonded to Araxmarr as mentioned above. The fledgling bond-mark given him by Tia faded with her death, as their bonding was only a few hours old when Daemon and Tia were taken by Nargus's house guard to the Gardens.

There is a surfacing mark of Ny-emarr on his left shoulderblade; it has not fully rose to the surface of his skin, but will be of scarification, not tatooing.

Little known facts: 

Daemonorel owns a motorcyle, a Honda Valkyrie Rune.  He has owned this bike for several years and well before meeting and becoming involved with Silverthorn... who's title on some worlds translates to Valkyrie... or in the Black Speech, Velkh'airee.  He hoards liquor bottles... not... the liquor inside... but the bottle.  The Rolling Stones and Terran's Vietnam era 'Classic' rock is his favorite type of music.  He is exctly the same height as Silverthorn.  His matched short swords were a gift of Ny-emarr.  He's just sorted out Elven females can get pregnant at almost any time, unlike Kin females, who cycle out in 9 - 12 year cycles... now he's worried.  Due to a common typo, from time to time he's rushed into a fight with his short shorts drawn and ready... Noooo idea what his writer was thinking subconsciously, but he wasn't happy with it.  Annnd, don't ever call him Little Brother....

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