Character Details - Menelanna Alcarin

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Menelanna is the daughter of Galain Alcarin and An'Thaya Blackthorn
*Name: Menelanna D’Riel Alcarin
Meaning of Name: Heaven’s Gift
*Race: Elen/S’Hean/Human
*Age: 594 (As of The Awakening)
Apparent Age (if different): Early twenties
*Height: 6’
*Build/Weight: Tall and atheletic (dense muscle for heavy gravity)
*Hair: Strawberry-blonde
Complexion: Golden-tan
Dragon Self: Gold (as of yet unnamed) 15 ft nose to rump
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Abdomen: Smattering of Gold Scales
Clothing: Black leather trousers, cut off t-shirts
Personal Items usually carried:
Usually has a flask of whiskey or some sort of alcohol on her person.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Very much her father's daughter, Mena is a rambunctious tomboy. She is outgoing, more than a little wild, and about as frightening as her Amazon Ammah. Yes... she even gives Galain grey hairs. A flirt, a tease, and totally unafraid to say exactly what is on her mind.
*Occupation: Party Girl
*Skills and Abilities: Trained in weapons use as well as hand to hand combat.
D'Riel-Conduit - moderately skilled Aethyr-Mage
*Weapons Used: Set of Short Swords, Crossbow

Background Information:
*History: Born to Galain and An’Thaya Alcarin during their marriage, she is one of many children. Mena spent most of her life in the Whispin Jungle, raised by both of her parents, until just after the wars in Shattered Web. She met Altorian Ashka during her 585th year and the two became lovers, but never formed any sort of lasting attachment. She did however, start to spend a great deal of time in the Diirlathe, up until the Black Dragon’s death several years later.
During Dark Weavings Mena rescued 13 children from Slavers on Arlsyn. She has now settled down at the cottage where she was raised to raise the orphans on her own.
*Marital Status: Lover: Altorian Ashka(deceased as of Seed of Wrath)
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: D’Riel Web

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Mena's scent is reminiscent of strawberry and fresh water due to the shampoo and soap used in S'Hea.
  • Mena is ambidextrous
  • Mena is a fairly heavy drinker
  • Mena's eyes are cat-slit and faceted sea-green
  • When Mena is using 'Aethyr' the scent of 'ozone' will permeate the air
  • Water is irresistable to S'Hean elves, as a result Mena is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself
  • Mena is a hedonist
  • On planets with lighter gravity than Whispin's (which would be nearly all of them aside from Arun) Mena is faster and stronger.
  • D'Riels are well known for their appetitie and most folks will try to get to a buffet table before they do if they want to get anything to eat
  • When healing someone else's wound, it will reappear on her and then heal rapidly

Mena's 13

Kelendral (vampiric)
Zidar Dusan

Age: 5
Complexion: Pale
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Eladris (Albino, Winter Elf)
Ansger Bjorn

Age: 14
Complexion: White
Hair: White
Eyes: Pale Lavender

Urhini (desert elf)
Aamina Karim

Age: 13
Complexion: Golden
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Eva Desya

Age: 16
Complexion: Pale
Hair: Red
Eyes: Grey

2 Dructhior (Scandinavian humans)

Larson Greinhem
Age: 11
Complexion: Golden
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Larissa Greinhem

Age: 11
Complexion: Golden
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Ederoi (winged)

Age: 5
Complexion: Pale
Hair: Blond
Eyes: blue-grey

Spark Firebrand

Age: 7
Hair: Dark Aburn
Eyes: Ember

2 Telepcal (Elves)
Berond Ketrain

Age: 10
Complexion: Lightly Tanned
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue

Bethra Ketrain
Age: 6
Complexion: Lightly Tanned
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes; Dark Blue

2 Taurësúlë (Forest Elves)
Fox Silvermoon

Age: 12
Complexion: Copper
Hair: Copper Red (worn in a long braid)
Eyes: Black
Wolf Silvermoon

Age: 13
Complexion: Copper
Hair: Black (long, worn loose)
Eyes: Black

Malara (high elves)
Melnara Goldenarrow

Age: 8
Complexion: Golden
Hair: Light Gold, worn long
Eyes: Lavendar

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