Character Details - Muirne Badb Catha

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Muirne (Pronounced MOR-na) is the daughter of Bran and Mira. She is the twin to Caolan Badb Catha and has the pale hair, fair complexion and jade eyes of her father. Her temperment is like that of her mother, or more accurately, that of her grandfather Callan and her aunt, Silverthorn Badb Catha

Muirne tends to be high-strung, stubborn and fiery, beholden to none, but is usually a joyful child.

She has both Raven and Dragon forms, her dragon from being coloured like her mother, a tarnished shade of silver. She has also demonstrated the early signs of being able to use dark magic and control fire. In time, she could develop the soulhealing abilities of her mother.

Note: In current timelines, Muirne is approximately 16 - 18 years of age.  She is developing into womanhood, and it is important to remember she has been trained in knife-play, hand-to-hand combat, etc.  in the Keep since the age of three.  She is skilled at what she knows, and the impression that she is a still a child is one that will get people into a great deal of trouble if that assumption is made.

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