Character Details - Cayde Nyghthawk

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Name~ Cayde Nyghthawk
Age~ 32
Race~ Half were-panther, half Aerdonian Human
Height ~ 6 foot
Hair~ dark brown
Eyes~ gray, leaning toward blue
Eyes ~ (panther form) Gold
Panther form ~ Similar to a very large, North American Cougar, tawny fur, black ears, etc....


Cayde was adopted by Master D'nay when he was barely 4 winters old. His father is a full, natural were-panther and kept his nature hidden from Cayde's mother for several years. Aerdonian were-beasts are subject to the pull of the moon, but his father's were-heritage was only discovered after Cayde's mother shot a wyldercat that had been raiding the chicken coop with a bow one night. When daylight broke, she discovered the wyldercat was Cayde's 12 year old brother, Darrien, who had just discovered his new form. Cayde's mother gradually slipped into insanity after that and Cayde's father was forced to adopt the children (6 remaining, Cayde being the youngest) out to whatever homes would have them. 

As a mix between human and were-beast, Cayde can control his form, shifting back and forth from human to panther at will, and sometimes taking on a shape that falls somewhere in between. He has no magic of his own, however, through a mysterious act of nature, can absorb, store and reuse any spell cast upon him. Hence his training as a mage. Magic does little damage to him, and unfortunately, healing magic also has little effect. Without the neccessary discipline to control the spells he absorbs, he would be a danger to himself and all who came in contact with him.


Cayde is clever and fun loving, however, he has a bit of a cruel streak when it comes to creatures he views as weaker and has been known to pull some not-so-funny pranks on such beings. He is protective of those he calls friends and has a nasty habit of making sure any who cross him "get whats coming to them". A bit of a tease when it comes to women, he has yet to meet one who can claim his heart, not to mention one who can tolerate his over-active were-passions.


Cayde is ever-smiling and carries a look that tells you he is constantly looking to stir up mischeif. He walks with a feline grace and is much stonger than he appears. He is well built, strong and has lightenting fast reflexes. He stays clean shaven and keeps his hair short. If he allowed them to, his nails would look more like short claws, however, he keeps them cut short as he prefers to not make his were-panther heritage obvious.


Cayde prefers his clothes soft and comfortable. He wears a long-sleeved, gray-green shirt that buttons down the front. His pants are a canvas type weave, brown and tan in color. His cloak is mottled colors of the forest, matching his shirt and pants with one addition...there appears to be actual light woven into it. It is just an illusion, of course, but a useful one when he needs to remain unnoticed in the woods. He wears boots that are rich brown, soft and come just over the calf, held in place with wide straps that wrap around them from the ankle to the knee.

Occupation and weapons~

Cayde is, in most timelines a journeyman mage. However, after his trip at the Thirteenth Gate/Berelath, Cayde is granted title of master mage by his one time mentor, D'nay.

As a master mage, Cayde not only stores and reuses spells that are cast upon him, but is able to alter them into something other than what they originally were. Cayde is apparently a bottomless pit when it comes to being able to store magic and there may come a time when he possesses so much that it will be impossible to tell he cannot conjure magic from thin air.

Cayde carries two longknives and a cross-bow and is quite proficient with them, but can handle any weapon well enough to save his neck.

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