Character Details - Ina'htas

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Name: Ina'htas (Phonetically: Eh-nah short break, ah tas)
Age: 15000
Race: Pure Black, Aerdonian Dragon
Size: 45 ft str (snout to rump) with a 90 ft wingspan.
Bond status: Soul-bond to Nargus, though this is a light bond.
Children: Calla Blackthorn, by Nargus IV
Bondmarks: In her secondary form, which is similiar to the form of Estalde *see below*, Ina'htas bears a writhing black dragon spiraling upwards from her left knee to her upper thigh, its claws appearing to dig into her flesh as it 'climbs'.

Ina'htas is only found at Laer Drae Sar'da, and there, she is posing as the Elvish Queen, Estalde. She bears one of the few assassins amulets, an Illinsaad,� left the Blackthorn House, and finished the job Araxmarr started centuries ago, by taking the old Queen's life...and therefore her form and persona.

In rejuvenated form, Estalde is 5'8", is slender, has jade eyes and raven hair. Her skin is pale and she wears softly flowing garments of silk, preferably in shades of greens and gold.

The amulet, when Ina'htas wears this form, appears as a mithril pendant and within its filegree pattern, is a garnet. This amulet is like ALL Blackthorn amulets, it can and does conceal her true nature to anyone by masking the soul being used over the dragon's soul. ONLY a fully trained Soul-healer would be able to notice the difference, and then, he or she would only receive a glimpse and little else.

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