Character Details - Nargus Blackthorn

Written by Mira Badb Catha

Name: Nargus Blackthorn
Age: Lost count at 18000
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon

Appearance, Dragon form:
Length: 57 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: 170 ft
Color: Glossy Black
Eyes: orange and crimson with black, serpentine pupils

Appearance, Human form:

In Tapestry: Nargus has an entirely different human form. This form is his orginal secondary form, and was lost when Task Diamondwood destroyed him. In Tapestry, Nargus in apprx. 5' 11, thin and wirey, same orange eye color, dark hair, and pale complected.

In Laer: Nargus is resurrected, and has a secondary from that is apprx. 6' 3", of heavy, human bone structure, dark hair and has orange eyes.

Mate: Ina'htas
Children: Akavian and Araxmarr/Callan Blackthorn, sons by Dawn Emberlight, a Silver and Calla Blackthorn, daughter by Ina'htas, a pure Black.

Background: Nargus was, at one time, the Black Dragon Emperor. His ruthless manner and heavy handed ways soon earned him a reputation for being the most bloodthirsty of the Blackthorn line, and ruled by fear and violence. His own lack of honor, however questionable Black Dragon honor can be, eventually cost him his military, most of his house guard, and eventually, his throne.

This loss of his own troops enabled a small group of people to slip Task Diamondwood into the Keep and catch him unguarded. His life was lost, his soul rent into three sections. One third of which found its way into the amulet he wore, another third into the amulet Task wore, which was originally Callan's *now Mira's* and the other third was caught in a dimensional void.

That last third was salvaged by his daughter, Calla and was restored to a fresh human body, an abducted drug addict from Terran. With his remembered draconic magic, Nargus is able to shift to his original dragon form, however, his mental state is incredibly unstable without the remaining two-thirds of his soul.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

John Travolta