Character Details - Yarwin Blackthorn

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Appearance~Elven form
Height- 6'1"
Hair- dark brown/black
Eyes- Lapis blue

Appearance~Mock-Dragon form
Length- varies from small to large, depending on the circumstances
Color- Bright jade with blue splotches
eyes- Lapis blue

Appearance~ True Dragon form (rarely used)
Length - Nearly 55 ft, not including tail
Wingspan- Apprx. 82.5 feet
Color - Almost Silver with a faint shading of Black
Eyes - lapis blue

Marital Status~ Married to Rachel Mars-Corinth and has twin sons by her, Taylon and Morgan and one daugher, Lianna.

Bond status: Yarwin and Rachel's bond is disentigrating, leaving him slowly declining into the Madness, despite his Shai'ay blood.


Yarwin is the son of Callan Blackthorn and Mira's older half-brother, something Mira has just recently learned. As such he is the true heir to the Blackthorn throne. He is the son of Aeryn Gaff, a Shai'ay that met and fell in love with Callan Blackthorn early in Callan's life. She was literally "the one that got away", as Callan made it a habit of killing his mates at one time. Yarwin was discovered by Nargus, Callan's father and tossed into an oubliette for a time, until he was found by Task Diamondwood. As promised, she took the secret of his identity to the grave with her. Yarwin, however, chose his sister's wedding reception to let his father know who he is, something Callan did not take very well.

The Shai'ay are shapeshifters and the females have the gift of Sight. Yarwin has perpetuated and encouraged the idea that he is a Dargon Shai'ay, a fairy dragon of sorts. In truth the Shai'ay are a shy people, and usually don't associate with outsiders. Yarwin's mother was an exception to the rule. She had set herself up as a traveling fortune teller when she met Callan. But that is another story...

Yarwin met Rachel Mars-Cornith and liked her immediately, something that rapidly spiraled into love. They married, have three children, Morgan and Taylon (twins), and a Gifted daughter, Lianna.


Yarwin at one time, was simply wild. He loved to have fun and tease, often at his own expense, as long as he could get a laugh out of someone. Many things have changed for Yarwin, no longer is he the soft hearted, fun-loving personality he once was.


Yarwin carries a large bowie knife at his hip or a katar and tends to keep a few other nasty surprises concealed about himself. Over the years Drey Axewielder subjected him to the same training as Mira, simply to put him to work more than anything, and as such, Yarwin is more than able to use most weapons. Yarwin does make use of DragonScale armour, and it is similar to Callan's greco-roman style light armour, but is near silver, the shirt beneath the breastplate being royal blue.

Special abilities~

Yarwin has the natural ability to convincingly shapeshift into any form, a usefull talent when trying to hide or escape. The Shai'ay females are natural magic users, but Yarwin, being male, is fairly limited in his ability. He also has inherited his father's ability to forge wonderous things and uses this talent as well a just a little Shai'ay magic to make jewelry for family and friends. Yarwin also has the Silver dragon ability to use electrical charges or lightening, cast as a breath weapon or from his hands.

Tatoos and such~

Yarwin became soul-bonded to his wife, Rachel, as well as the Gold dragon that dwells with her at their wedding and as such, bears a tattoo of a golden dragon wound around his upper left arm. He also has the Blackthorn crest on his right shoulder, a Black Dragon bearing a septer, rampant on a wreath of black thorns.


When Rachel's sister, Anaya, was presumed dead, Rachel began an obsessive quest to either find her living sister, or her body. As his wife's psychosis began to peak, the bond between them began to fall apart. The bond-mark began to go dead and Yarwin began to slide into his own madness, the Grieving Madness all Kin suffer from.

With Rachel gone, lost in her obsession to find Anaya (first in mind, then in body), Yarwin plans a return to the Keep, a place where the Madness is understood. His children intend to remain on Haven.

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