Character Details - Derwin Modar D'Riel

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THIS CHARACTER IS DECEASED - Reincarnated as: Rory Arketh

RACE: Human
AGE: 3686 (magically enhanced - deceased since Shattered Web)
Hair: Deep Red
Eyes: Ultramarine-Blue
Height: 6'
Name Meaning: Legend Royal Surging Soul

Derwin was human, his life was extended by the White Witch to match that of his wife, Se'liene D'riel. He was King of the Human Kingdom of Corin, and held the throne since he was a mere 15 yrs of age.

His marriage to Se'liene was at first one of treaty, to join the Kingdoms of Corin and S'Hea together, uniting the Elven and Human races. They loved each other almost on sight, and ruled in harmony. Derwin took the name D'riel in place of his birth name Modar, in order to cement the treaty. The couple have three children Y'roden D'riel, An'Thaya D'riel Blackthorn and B'Elya D'Riel

Derwin's brother Grendorin is now known as Tallin Modar, a dark mage that has tried time and again to take the Throne of Corin, and use the magical powers of Princess An'Thaya.
Derwin's brother Gardor was murdered by Grendorin three thousand and five hundred years ago. It was Tallin that took Derwin's life in Shattered Web.

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