Character Details - Morwen Aegnor

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Name: Morwen Aegnor
Race: Half-Human, Half-Enthim Queton
Hair: White, thinning
Eyes: Pure white, blind
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Crooked and arthritic
Abilities: Seer, SoulRender

Daughter of the Dark, Lady of Souls, Mistress of the Sorrows. Usually shrouded in the all enveloping folds of her hooded robe, Morwen's ancient figure is bent and twisted and yet it would unwise to write her off as yet another mad old crone. Her blind eyes are pure white in her seamed face and yet they see clearer and further than many others. Black to the core, the Lady is a powerful sorceress and seer. In her hands she gathers the threads of people's lives and draws them to her, gathering them into her web like a spider with its prey. Their lives can cost them their souls. Her ravens are her spies amongst the world of men.

Born in the Northern NeutralLands of Aerdon, Morwen was the result of a brief mating between a human male and a female of the Enthim Queton. These 'dark elves' were cast out from the main Eldredae race many millennia ago after refusing to submit to the dictates of their leaders in matters of religion. Favouring darker divinities than the Goddess of Mercy and the God of Light worshipped by the Eldredae, they were shunned. Small in number, these outcasts soon became the Forgotten Ones, rarely mixing with the society of others and often mistaken for Eldredae or Eheiling Narhn on those occasions when they do.

Hair color, eye color, and skin color are either extremely pale or very dark.  Regardless of skin or hair color, eye color is always shockingly pale. Children born of any other color combination are immediately destroyed as would be the mother that bore it as the child would have to be a product of a mixed mating. After a vision that spoke of the power of the child she would carry, Morwen's mother remained in the NeutralLands until her daughter had been born and fostering her out to a human couple by whom she was brought up.

Educated at the MageHall of Nehlmere located in the Angelhome, it was Morwen's taste for darker occult matters that led to her eventual expulsion, despite her evident power with spells and illusory magics. A powerful Seer, from her Enthim Queton blood she also inherited the talents of the SoulRender. These are considered an abomination by the Eldredae, although they are common amongst the Enthim Queton, and are a result of a mixed blood female having the gift of SoulHealing. To actually 'rend' a soul, the SoulHealer must be willing to unravel, rather than knit, a soul. Rather than a piece of the Healer's soul being left, the Healer absorbs pieces, or energy, from the victim. The destruction a SoulRender is capable of is enormous, and in the most extreme cases, a soul can be utterly destroyed. In this case, the Render usually dies with the victim, as the absorbed energy in the SoulRender's own essence is so great it simply burns up, a complete overload. However, in most cases of a SoulRender, the Render becomes addicted to the energy absorbed, and will bring a victim to the threshold of death, and simply leave them for dead before their own soul is jeopordized. A true SoulRender is rarely sane, and has serial killer tendancies.

Following the wars during the season of Laer Drae Sar'da, Morwen became Mistress of the Dark Tower in the NeutralLands of Aerdon.

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