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Helle SigurdssonPhysical Description:
Name: Helle Sigurdsson
Meaning of Name: Blessed
Race: Demi-Goddess (previously Human)
Age: Immortal
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Hair: Honey-blonde with platinum highlights that falls to just above her buttocks when loose.
Eyes: Light Blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5' 8"
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks:
Possessions: A silver signet ring with a leaf pattern worn on the middle finger of her left hand.

Personal Information:
Personality: Quite shy at times, Helle had had little to do with men prior to her mission to restore the Flame of Life.
Occupation: Guardian of the Flame
Skills and Abilities: She has a mild empathic ability which allows her to pick up strong emotions but previously her main talent was as a scholar. Since she became immortal, she has gained the ability to manipulate light and flame, and to bring spring's warmth to the most barren of places.
Weapons Used: None

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: As a priestess of the Temple of the Moon in Heimdall, Helle held the position of Librarian. Most comfortable among the books and scrolls over which she was keeper, she had been brought up amongst the order since she was given to them as a novice at a young age. Completely inexperienced amongst the outside world, it was a shock for her to be sent by the Reverend Mother to defeat the Ice Queen and restore the Flame of Life, and she was often completely flummoxed by her companions - particularly Cayde Nyghthawk.

At the moment of their triumph over the Ice Queen, Helle became one with the Flame of Life, taking her position as Guardian of the Flame and becoming its living embodiment. As such, she effectively became immortal - a demi-goddess responsible for light, life and the coming of spring.

Other Information:

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