Character Details - Rhys Trevelyan

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Physical Description
Name: Rhys Trevelyan (pron: HREES)
Meaning of Name: Enthusiasm
Race: Tauremornan Elf
Apparent Age: Early Thirties
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Black, slightly curly, short
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Identifying Marks: None.
Clothing: Typically wears practical garments in plain, hard-wearing materials.

Personal Information
Personality: He has a friendly, open personality who tries to remain optimistic whatever happens.
Occupation: Earth Mage
Skills and Abilities: His specialism is earth magics, particularly those related to plants, which he is capable of growing from almost nothing. He can speed up plant growth, heal plants and manipulate vegetation to do what he wants such as to move and form traps. In addition, his time with the Mars-Corinth family has amply demonstrated his receptiveness to telepathic communication, although he cannot send messages that way himself. His familiarity with psi-powers also mean that he is often capable of detecting when someone is attempting to influence him in such a manner.
Weapons Used: He has been trained with the bow and the sword, although he is not generally considered a warrior.

Background Information
Marital Status: Single.
Bonds: None
Children: None
Brief History: The son of Adair Trevelyan and Brighid Aodhagan, Rhys was born and raised in the village of Lindornea in the south-west of the Tauremorna. Adventurous by nature, he began to venture off-world almost as soon as he was old enough to do so. On one of the first of these adventures he found his way to the Green Heart Inn on Berelath, quickly making friends with the Mars-Corinth family, Helen and James, and their young daughters, Rachel and Anaya. However he lost touch with them and, with the exception of a meeting with a now adult Rachel at the Dragon Inn, did not meet the family again until several years later at the Silver Dryad. It was there that his relationship with the now-widowed Helen can be said to have truly begun, a relationship for him that quickly deepened into something he was prepared to build his life around. For this reason, it became more common to find Rhys on Haven than his homeworld of Elemmiire. But Helen's life was far from straightforward; returned to life by Haven's Light Goddess, Semel, she was bound to be the planet's protector and guardian. The demands on her time were great and, whilst Rhys respected her commitment, he also felt that they were drifting apart. Eventually, he brought their relationship to an end. He still cares deeply for Helen, but he feels that they were not meant to be together.

Other Information:

  • Rhys's soul is silver-green in colour and in its ground state will often appear to be a mist in form. At the heart of this burns a flame that is the core of the individual's soul.
  • Rhys' magic looks like a silvery-green mist, the same shade as his soul.
  • The spoken language of the Tauremornan Elves is a bastardised version of the purer Elven spoken by the Elves of the Aarataure, heavily influenced by the Dark Elven language. The musical elven tongue, similar to Terran Irish, is now 'marred' by the harsh clicks and sibilant whispers of the dark elven language.

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