Character Details - Jaina Jade

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Jaina - Scarlet Johansson

Usual appearance: Caucasian female, 6'0" (1.8m), 180 lbs. (82 kilos), appears to be in her early twenties. Long red hair, green eyes. Last seen wearing black jeans and red cropped tank with black leather jacket. Carries sharpened wood spikes for weapons.

Jaina is a very complex character with an intricate history. Or maybe her author is just full of ****. In any case, Jaina's full bio is available for reading. As with many roleplay characters, there's so much more to her that probably doesn't matter when interacting with her. The basics:

J.J. is a former vampire hunter who still indulges her humanity-saving vice from time to time. She's learned the hard lesson that not all vampires are wicked murderous creatures (she even has a vampiric sister, Lunzie Istari-Benden); for that reason, she usually tries to fight her trained "kill" reflex when she sees a vampire. If an undead cheeses her off, despite her self-control, it could get messy. (Emotional wards help keep the violence in check, as they have a way of doing in any situation).

Jaina has no genetic family, but is Galain Alcarin's adopted sister and an honorary elf. She also makes a mean hamburger and has not forgotten a nice tumble in a dank basement a few decades or so ago. *eg*

Jaina's forest sig - thanks Foxx!
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Scarlett Johansson
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