Character Details - Keesha Ladon

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Physical Description:
Name: Keesha Ladon
Meaning: "cassia", from the name of the spice tree.
Race: Vampire
Age: Immortal
Apparent Age: Twenties
Height: 5’ 8”
Build: Slim, but deceptively strong due to martial training
Hair: Black, Long
Eyes: Dark Brown
Complexion: Unlike most Vampires, her African blood gives Keesha a golden-brown skintone.
Identifying Marks:

Personal Information:
Personality: Generally cold and dispassionate, unconcerned about those whose life she takes.
Abilities: Mind Control, Preternatural strength and speed, Glamour, Can shape-shift into form of a black panther.
Weapons Used: Skilled with many weapons, Keesha particularly favours the garotte during assassination. She also typically carries a katar (also known as a punch dagger).

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: Blood-bound to Chylder
Embraced Children: Kaine Ladon (amongst others)
Brief History: Born to the then Ascendent of House Ladon, Keesha acquired her position as Ascendent of House Ladon as much due to her ability as to her birthright. The family's origins in recent times can be found amidst the souks and bazaars of Terran North Africa, however their bloodline is older still. Like all 'born' vampires, they are the descendents of one of the original 'infected' -- carrying a disease that struck Atlantis in a time before human memory. From earliest times, they gained a reputation as skilled assassins, and in more modern times it is that that has become their primary 'business', members of the House working for any who are willing to pay their price -- be they human or vampire. However, little is known of the internal workings of the House. Even by the standards of vampire-kind, the Ladon organisation is highly secretive.

Other Information:

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