Character Details - Wolfric von Grauben

Written by Silverthorn

Name: Wolfric von Grauben
Race: Werewolf
Hair: Medium Brown
Eyes: Hazel in human form, change to Amber in wolf form
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Powerful without being heavily muscular
Personality: Quite cold and abrupt, a natural leader, Wolfric is interested only in power and influence.
Abilities: As he is a werewolf, Wolfric can shift from human to wolf form at will although a full moon will force him to change. As an alpha werewolf Wolfric is also capable of only partially shifting form, allowing him to change only selected body parts. He is strong with fast reflexes, also due to the fact that he is a lycanthrope.

The eldest child of Baron von Grauben and his wife, two important members of Garou society, Wolfric was brought up to believe that he was destined for greatness from an early age. Born into a family where the power and glory of the family was everything, he was educated by the best scholars in the land, taught to fight by the finest swordsmen, and to ride by the most skilled equestrians.

Since the death of his father Wolfric, now Baron von Grauben, has done his best to continue on in the family tradition. Power and influence is all important and nothing... and no-one... is going to get in his way.

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Dougray Scott