Character Details - Aidan O'Connell

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Name: Aidan O'Connell
Meaning: Fiery Descendent of the Strong Wolf
Age: See Timeline
Race: Half-Elven
Height: 6' 01"
Build: Muscular
Hair: Black, wavy
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Tanned
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Practical and hard-wearing in dull, nondescript colours.

Personality: His character is confident, almost arrogant at times, and his temper can be fiery. He will flirt gently with women, although he means no offense by it. He simply enjoys female company, in whatever form it takes.

Marital Status: Lover of Larica Traian
Bonds: None
Children: None

Skills and Abilities: Skilled swordsman

Weapons: Bastard-sword

History: Born in the bustling port city of Vallenta in Amar'a, Elemmiire, Aidan had something of a chaotic upbringing. His birth was the unintentional result of an encounter his mother, Deirdre, had with a passing elven archer by the name of Tadc Oigthierna. Brought up in the inn where his mother worked, he learned to survive on the streets from an early age. At the age of sixteen he joined a passing mercenary company as a means of escaping the poverty of his childhood and has earned his living by the sword ever since.

At the age of 200 he had a short-lived relationship with Silverthorn Badb Catha when they were both employed in the same mercenary company. This ended in a blazing argument about her attitude towards assassination. He left the company the same night and did not see her again until almost three millennia later in the Silver Dryad. The two did manage to re-establish their friendship, but in the war to save Nuth from the Acquaints Aidan was killed whilst trying to save her life.

Now he has found himself alive once more, but many memories have been lost. He does not know where he is, how he got there or why.

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