Character Details - Nuuruhuine

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Name: Nuuruhuine
Titles: Streea Barra, Death Shadow, the Battle Raven, The Queen of Phantoms and the Mother of Life and Death
Rank: Goddess of Cunning, Death, War, Revenge and Magic, Protectoress in Battle and Peace
Age: Immortal

The Goddess of the Tauremorna on the planet of Elemmiire, Nuuruhuine's physical appearance can vary. She has three main forms, the warrior woman, the crone and the raven.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6' 0"
Build: Slim

Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Height: 5' 6" but is very crooked with age
Build: Frail

Clothing: This varies according to her whim, but typically the warrior woman will be dressed in black leather and steel, whilst the crone will be dressed in a white robe.

Personality: This is not someone to annoy. Nuuruhuine is a battle goddess who can be vengeful and can have a short temper.

Abilities and Weapons: The maiden is the warrior aspect, able to incite warriors to battle-madness or even true insanity. She is always seen fully-armed, either with sword or spear. Exulting in battle and strife she can often appear fully armed, two spears in her hand, or as a raven she will hover over a battlefield and its warring men. As the mother aspect of the triple goddess she symbolizes life (the ever-producing cauldron of life), wisdom, inspiration, blessings and enlightenment. Boiling the Otherworld cauldron of death and rebirth which she is thought by many to preside over, she decides the fate of those who have passed over into its great cosmic mix. In the eschatology of the Tauremorna it is she who will cause the end of time by causing the great cauldron to boil over, engulfing the planet in a great wasteland. It is this form that, as the raven, flies over the battlefield causing confusion amongst soldiers to move the tide of battle. Finally, as the crone, she is the harbinger of death, the old woman of winter and the end of the cycle. She governs an aspect of life which, while unpleasant, is part of the natural order of things. It is this form that claims her chosen when it is their time to die.

Other Information: Her priestesses are often called her Ravens or the Choosers of the Slain and, by tradition, chief among these will be the women of the Badb Catha clan in whom the gift of dark magic shows strongest. As much feared as revered, these priestesses embody the martial aspect of the goddess.

Blood, as a symbol of both life and death, features frequently in the ceremonies. This does not necessarily entail sacrifice although this can occur in some of the most serious of her rituals.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Claire Stansfield
Black Magick by Jessica Galbraith
Morrigan by Jessica Galbraith
Nyx by Jessica Galbraith