Character Details - Tullia Windsinger Muldoon

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Physical Description:
Name: Tullia Windsinger Muldoon
Meaning: Peaceful Windsinger
Race: Aarataurean High Elf
Rank: Aranel (Princess) of the Aarataure
Age: 1000 + years
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Indigo Blue
Complexion: Porcelain
Height: 6'
Build: Slim
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing: Favours dramatic and bold colours and designs.

Personal Information:
Personality: The meaning of her name is considered ironic by most of those who know are for Tullia's temperament is far from peaceful. Her twin sister, Edana, whose name means fiery is the quiet one of the two. A member of the high-ranking Windsinger family, she was far from keen on her role as seen by other members of her family, that was to marry well and bring credit to the family name. Instead she wished to have fun and enjoy life. As such she was considered to be impetuous and slightly reckless.
Abilities: Average magical talent, especially skilled in the control of air and the winds which is a family ability.
Weapons Used: None

Background Information:
Marital Status: Married to Odin Muldoon
Children: Aisling Muldoon
Bonds: None
Brief History: During a Mage Fair held in the Aarataure, the Forest of Dawn which surrounds the elven city of Ostohelyanwe, Tullia met by chance a tall barbarian by the name of Odin Muldoon and his drow companion, Lariel Vandal. With all the fire and passion of her impulsive nature, Tullia fell in love with Odin, choosing to leave her people and travel with him and Lariel.

Following the death of Tressach Aicasse, her twin's husband, Tullia travelled to Whispin to find Edana who was helping their allies there with a terrible disease that ravaged their land. When the twins returned to Ostohelyanwe, she expected to find Odin and Lariel waiting to meet them. Instead she discovered her companions had been drawn into a plot to assassinate her uncle, the King.

In the aftermath of that event, Tullia and Odin married, the couple planning to live in Ostohelyanwe where Odin was now one of the Sairon. However, messengers from Odin's homeland of Vallachia disrupted that plan. Odin's father was now dead and Odin was expected to take up the mantle of chieftain. They travelled across the seas to rejoin Odin's tribe, but not everything was at it seemed.

Other Information:
  • Tullia's soul is indigo blue and gold in colour and in its ground state will often appear to be a mist in form. At the heart of this burns a flame that is the core of the individual's soul.
  • Like all Aarataureans, Tullia's native spoken dialect is a musical tongue, not dissimilar in sound to Terran Irish, and this is reflected in her accent when speaking Common or other languages.
  • Her 'birthstone necklace' is made up on lanniondono stones in a rich, azure blue.

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