Character Details - Laurealin Nieninque

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Name: Laurealin Nieninque (usually known as Laurie)

Meaning of Name: Golden Song White Tear

Hair: Long, Blonde

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6 foot

Build: Slim

Identifying Marks: None

Personality: Slightly reserved and aloof, it can take awhile for Laurie to open up to new people. She is not completely untrusting but she will usually reserve judgement upon that subject, preferring not to go by first impressions. Although not hugely interested in politics, her quiet intelligence allows her to fit easily in at court if necessary.

Skills and Abilities: A skilled tracker and hunter, Laurie is as at home in the forest as she is at court. She also has reasonable talent as a mage.

Weapons: Usually seen with a long sword, which she carries in a sheath on her back, a hunting knife, which is sheathed at her right hip, and a dagger concealed in her boot. Also a reasonable archer.

Marital Status: Single, but in love with Enddar Nysenth

Occupation: Ranger

The only child of Mektar Nieninque and his wife, Enyalie, a member of the Thorondor family, Laurealin was brought up at the royal court of Alcarinque amongst the minor nobility. Although she is prefectly capable of dealing with court life she considers many of those others who frequent the palace to be mere butterflies with no real use to society. It was no real surprise to those who knew her, therefore, when she chose to train as a ranger. The Elen had always enjoyed spending her time outside if she could and she felt that in such a role she would actually be doing something with her life that had some purpose.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sarah Michelle Gellar