Character Details - Epona Axewielder

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Name: Epona Axewielder
Race: Centaur
Clan: The Sky Oak Warrior Clan
Height: 7' 00" from her hooves to the top of her head
Build: Slim
Hair: Long, Silvery
Complexion: Dark-skinned human torso, dappled grey equine hide.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Identifying Marks: None
Personality: Usually calm and quiet. Can be quite maternal.
Skills and Abilities: Skilled archer, Epona is also good with the spear and other javelins.
Weapons: Bow and Spear
Marital Status: The favourite wife of Drey Axewielder, Laird of the Clan.
Children: Several, including Merick, Ophelia, Desdemona and the twins, Trist and Argen

Whilst centaurs are by nature a rowdy, earthy race; Epona as an older female and the favoured wife of the Laird is more settled, taking her role as leader amongst the women seriously. It is she who is responsible for laying down the law in the camp and, despite her small stature, can be a formidable opponent when her ire is raised.

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