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Name: Desdemona Axewielder, usually called Dessie
Race: Centaur
Clan: The Sky Oak Warrior Clan
Height: 6' 8" from her hooves to the top of her head
Build: Slim
Hair: Long, Pale Blonde
Complexion: Light-skinned human torso, dappled grey equine hide.
Eyes: Dark Blue, almost black
Identifying Marks: None

Personality: Exhuberant, a little wild, but kind-hearted

Skills and Abilities: Skilled with spear, and some ability with a bow.
Weapons: Bow and Spear

Marital Status: Lover of Lantry Urdrul
Children: None
Bonds: None

Centaurs are by nature a rowdy, earthy race, and Dessie is no different. Young, exhuberant and more than a little wild, the filly is however not malicious nor generally unkind. She enjoys teasing her siblings, her older sister Ophelia being a common target. Typically she makes friends easily because of her open and friendly nature.

Dessie was brought up with the other members of her clan on the Chimerian Plains of Aerdon. Their nomadic lifestyle takes their yurt-like tented encampment all over these great grasslands, hunting the animals that can be found there.

When she fell in love with Lantry Urdrul she did so with typical abandon and with all the passion of her generous soul. The two met at the Undall Celebrations hosted by Blackthorn Keep one year, being introduced by Lantry's brother Conor and Dessie's sister Ophelia who were at the time involved with one another. That relationship has since broken down, but that between Lantry and Dessie continues. The centaur filly now divides her time between the Plains of her birth and Brendar's Valley, the home of the Urdruls.

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