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Physical Description
Fechine D'Riel
Meaning of Name: Raven Surging Soul
Race: Tauremornan Elf/ Aarataurean Elf/ S'Hean Elf/ Corinian Human
Age: See Timeline
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Emerald Green
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Height: 6' 02"
Build: Athletic
Identifying Marks: The D'Riel crest on his left shoulderblade.
Clothing: Favours dark-coloured trousers and a loose, comfortable shirt.
Possessions: Pendant carved of black stone in shape of raven hanging on chain of green-black metal. Black ring of lodestone on an adamantine chain.

Personal Information
Although a good person at heart, he can be reckless and exhuberant. He has an unerring ability to get himself into trouble without even trying. His temper, on the rare occasions that it shows, is the cold rage that he has inherited from his mother. In recent years he has discovered a freedom in the wilds that he struggles to find elsewhere, and as a result he is often more comfortable outside than inside. It is not unusual for him to feel like the walls are closing in on him if he spends too much time inside, particularly in large crowds, as he is out of practice when it comes to socialising.
Occupation: Prince of S'Hea
Skills and Abilities: It is perhaps not surprising given his family that Fechine has been trained in both magic and weaponry from an early age. He possesses a D'Riel conduit and can wield the Aethyr, but he is still learning the fine nuances of the magical abilities he has inherited from both parents. As a Badb Catha, he can shape-shift into raven form.
Weapons Used: Whilst trained in a variety of weapon types, Fechine is most likely to be found using a sword, usually of the longsword or hand-and-a-half sword variety.

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: The D'Riel Web
Children: None
Brief History: The son and eldest child of Y'Roden D'Riel and Arianne (Silverthorn) Badb Catha, Fechine was brought up in Corin and S'Hea, until recently as his father's heir. At the age of seventeen, the youth was kidnapped by a demoness, Samara, along with his younger brother, Rhagi, and some of his cousins. Taken to her home in Tenobrous, the tortures he endured there have left their mark. His exuberant nature was tamed somewhat, the boy becoming quieter and more reserved. Shadows still lurk in his emerald eyes and nightmares still plague his sleep.

This quietness became more marked following his father's death and subsequent resurrection. Words spoken in anger by Y'Roden affected him deeply and left him with the belief that his family would be better off without him around because of his deeply flawed character. It was for this reason that he chose to participate in the Audyo Vahnai, a horse race across the Obsidian Basin that had the well-earned name of the Trial by Fire. He hoped that the sands would claim him, and they almost did. During the race Fechine was stung by a krilliante, a type of scorpion, and was only saved by his father's intervention. However, somewhat to his surprise, he managed not only to finish the race, but to win. The prize of an Obsidian Mare was later gifted to Meghan Ilessandra.

Concerned about him, his parents agreed that, provided he was willing, it would perhaps be best for him to begin his training with Arminiea Morelen, the Whispin Goddess of Light, at her home in the Crystal Keep and he has lived there since with only his best friend and fellow student, Meghan, for company.

Other Information:

  • Fechine's soul takes the form of an Emerald Green galaxy.
  • After his parents' divorce and his father's re-marriage the emeralds embedded in the skin around the crest on his shoulderblade became merely the tattooed representation borne by all male D'Riels as he was no longer regarded as his father's legal heir, that status belonging to the son of his current marriage.
  • For most of his life his pet and companion has been Keira, a talking tiger who was gifted to Y'Roden and Silverthorn on their engagement by Kara Little and Argon (the sire of Keira). Keira, however, remained in the nursery at Nenlante when Fechine went to the Crystal Keep.
  • Fechine rides a Black Obsidian stallion named Barra.
  • Like most D'Riels, Fechine is known for his appetite. Most folks will try to get to a buffet table before he does if they want to get anything to eat.
  • Water is irresistible to S'Hean elves, as a result Fechine is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself.
  • When healing someone else's wound, it will reappear on him and then heal rapidly.

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