Character Details - Anastalia Darkstar

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Name: Anastalia Darkstar
Race: Half-Elven Vampire
Hair: Pale Blonde, Long
Eyes: Light Grey
Height: 5' 0"
Build: Petite, Delicate
Abilities: Skilled Mage and Scholar. Able to shape-shift into wolf, bat and mist. Vampyric strength and senses.

Anastalia Darkstar was born of a human father and a high elven mother, inheriting from her mother the longevity and magical ability of the elves. This led to her being trained as a mage from an early age. Since the death of her more human elder brother and father, she has spent most of her time travelling. It was on the travels that she met Mordecai von Zlasnic, an event that changed the course of her life.
Mordecai was a renegade vampire of the Tepes clan. Despite her resistance she was transformed into one of the kindred by him. At this time she was already nearly two centuries old, although her elven blood meant that she still seemed to be in her early twenties. Not long after after this event her sire was captured and executed by other members of his clan, leaving the newborn vampire alone in the world. It is for this reason that Anastalia claims and is claimed by no clan.

Many centuries later her survival is testament to her abilities. Already proficient in the magical arts, she has mastered the typically Tepes abilities of shifting into the form of a wolf or bat. She is also able to transform herself into a fine silvery mist.

In physical terms she is of below average height (approximately 5' 0") and of delicate appearance. Her hair is a pale blonde and her eyes a light grey. She is by nature reserved and cool, not generally given to loud displays of emotion. Her interests are mainly scholarly and she can often be found reading or studying. She does, however, possess the curiosity that is typical of those with elven blood and this does occasionally lead her to be slightly more reckless than usual.

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