Character Details - Sable Nighthawk

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Physical Description
Name: Sable Nighthawk (pron. SAY-bel)
Meaning of Name: Black
Race: Human
Apparent Age: Twenty years old
Actual Age: ?
Hair: Long, Pure white
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Pale, almost pure white.
Height: 5' 04"
Build: Slight, Delicate
Identifying Marks: Black tribal-style tattoos on her face and upper left arm. These were put there by a mage in order to provide a degree of shielding from her sensitivity to magic use.
Clothing: Varies according to circumstances, but is usually in shades of red, black or charcoal grey.
Personal Possessions: A thick, black cuff-shaped bangle on her left wrist that fights tight to her arm and is engraved with various runes and symbols.

Personal Information
Personality: She can be cautious at times but although she can be cool she is not generally unfriendly. She possesses a wicked sense of humour, as well as a bit of a temper when provoked.
Occupation: Mercenary, Thief, Pirate, Starship Pilot
Skills and Abilities: Sable is a Sensitive, responding both physically and mentally to magic user, hence the tattoos on her face and arm which were put there by a mage in order to provide a degree of shielding from her sensitivity to magic use. This shielding is sufficient for her to be comfortable within normal background levels of magic or in the presence of minor magics, but the more sudden or dramatic the magical act is, the more likely she is to suffer adverse effects. These can range from a slight twinge of pain to symptoms similar to that of a severe migraine; including sensitivity to light, nausea, severe head pain, blurring of vision or 'flashing lights' before the eyes, and general disorientation. Since the events of 'Ghost in the Machine', when she sustained a severe blow to the head, she is discovering that she can create a magical null zone in which no magic will work. This can extend for several metres around her body.
Weapons: Daggers, Blaster (if in a more scifi setting)

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: One adopted daughter, Mnemosyne. Also, her usual companion is a winged chimera called Ki whose behaviour is a combination of toddler and pet. She rescued him as a fledgling after his mother had been killed.
Brief History: Born of two mercenaries, Cole Nighthawk and Golda Maya, Sable was brought up amongst a mercenary troop and so despite her youth she has a great deal of experience in this and related areas. Is this case appearances are very deceptive. On travels with her parents and by herself she has gained employment as a mercenary, a thief and a pirate, among other things. In truth, she is older than she actually appears, far older than is normal for a human of Elemmiire, something for which she has no explanation at present.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Bridget Fonda as the Snow Queen
Nightshade by Amy Brown