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Name: Brandubh Badb Catha
Meaning of Name: Raven-Black Battle Raven
Race: Tauremornan Elf
Occupation: Master of the Sluagh and Lord of That Which Lies Between.

Elven Form
Height: 6' 03"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Long, Pale (almost platinum) blond
Eyes: Jade Green
Identifying Marks: A wreath of blackthorn encircles his right bicep with tarnished silver dragons intertwined within this as a symbol of his bond with Mira Blackthorn.

Dragon Form
Type: Steel Dragon
Colour of Scales: Silvery-Grey, the colour of burnished steel
Eyes: Jade Green
Length (not including tail): 38 feet
Length (including tail): 67 feet

Possessions: Pendant carved of black stone in shape of raven hanging on chain of green-black metal. Black and Gold Ring formed from plaited hair of himself and Mira Blackthorn. Ironwood Wedding Ring which transformed into polished steel the first time he shifted into dragon form.

Weapons: Main weapon is an axe that he carries at his right hip. Also a skilled archer with a longbow.

Skills and Abilities: Can shape-shift into either raven or dragon form. Average ability as a mage. SoulHealer through his bond with Mira. Skilled warrior.

Marital Status: Married to Mira Blackthorn

Children: Meghan Ilessandra (adopted), Caolan Badb Catha and Muirne Badb Catha (twins), Elthahir, Elythar and Seren Badb Catha (triplets) (with Mira Blackthorn)

Bonds: Soul-bonded to Mira Blackthorn, arohya bond between himself and Mira to Ghetsuhm Riker D'Riel.

Personality: His general personality is even-tempered, cheerful and friendly.

Other Information: Brandubh, or Bran as he is generally known, is five years older than his sister Arianne, usually known as Silverthorn, and as such is the eldest child of Kieran and Cerys. Although he is proficient in several weapons, the one he is most often seen with is the war axe that he wears at his hip. He is reasonably adept at magic but did not have either the ability or the inclination to become a trained mage like his sister.

He has a love of travel and adventure and it was this that led to him being away from his home village in the Tauremorna at the time it was raided. He dealt with that pain differently to his sister, however, trying to live life to the fullest. He enjoys the company of woman and can be an incorrigible flirt but only once on his travels did he lose his heart. This was to a young woman called Danae. Unfortunately this ended tragically when she died not long after they met.

Bran met a dragon-elf by the name of Mira Blackthorn at a party being held at the Ring of Summer's Light Hall. Their relationship rapidly deepened into love and they have since married and had children. His marriage is his main strength and stabilising influence, the elf considering his wife to be his closest confidante as well as his lover. Through his bond with her he is coming to terms with his role as Lord of That Which Lies Between and Master of the Sluagh, as well as learning to handle new soul-healing abilities which that bond has given him.

His relationship with his sister has deteriorated since his and Mira's involvement in the severing of Silverthorn's bond to Y'Roden D'Riel. Concerned that, in his determination to do this, Y'Roden would do more damage to both himself and his then wife, the couple agreed to sever the tie, knowing that it would be as clean a job as was possible for such a close bond. Whilst Silverthorn understands why this was done, she still feels that it was a betrayal of her trust as it was done against her will. As such she is merely politely cool to a couple with whom she was once very close. This is something Bran finds deeply painful.

Little Known Facts:

  • Bran's soul is verdant green and burnished steel in colour, taking the form of a mist swirling about a burning flame.
  • Bran's magic always takes the form of a silver mist.
  • The spoken language of the Tauremornan Elves is a bastardised version of the purer Elven spoken by the Elves of the Aarataure, heavily influenced by the Dark Elven language. The musical elven tongue, similar to Terran Irish, is now 'marred' by the harsh clicks and sibilant whispers of the dark elven language.

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