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Physical Description
Known Name: Silverthorn
Birth Name: Arianne Badb Catha
Meaning: Silver Battle Raven
Nicknames: Thorn, 'nasse (Bran and Mira only), Is'iis (Daemon only)
Race: Tauremornan Elf
Age: See Timeline
Apparent Age: Late Twenties to Early Thirties
Height: 6' 00"
Build: Slim but athletic
Hair: Long, Black
Eyes: Jade Green
Complexion: Tanned
Identifying Marks: Gold sun on her left hip (symbol of the Goddess Aedammair). Triple moons at the base of her spine, the waxing and waning crescents of pure silver and the full moon a white, opalescent moonstone (symbol of the Goddess Nuuruhuine).
Clothing: It is rare to see her wearing anything other than black. This will typically include black leather trousers and boots, with either a black sleeveless leather vest or a shirt with laces at the throat.
Possessions: Pendant carved of black stone in shape of raven hanging on chain of green-black metal.

Personal Information
Personality: Her general personality is quite cynical and she does not trust easily, although once this trust has been won she can be a stalwart ally.
Occupation: Assassin
Skills and Abilities: She possesses a strong ability for both light and dark magic, which show as either silver or black mist/flames/tendrils. When fully unleashed the dark magic in particular is capable of widespread devastation. However, it is exceptionally rare for that to happen and in the past had only occurred during moments of extreme insanity. Whilst her magical abilities are widespread and powerful, she has a particular affinity for fire. She can also shape-shift into raven form, and is a skilled warrior and assassin.
Weapons: She rarely goes anywhere unarmed although the precise weapons carried does vary. Most commonly seen is a Hunting-style knife carried at her right hip. This is marked with a symbol of a raven and can be recalled to her hand with the use of a little magic. There are also usually about four other daggers concealed on her person of various shapes, sizes and materials. Mostly Silverthorn fights 'florentine' with a dagger in each hand, however when knowingly going into battle she has been known to carry a Short sword sheathed at her left hip, and a long bow and quiver carried over her shoulder and down her back.

Background Information
Marital Status: Lover of Daemonorel Ashev following divorce from Y'Roden D'Riel.
Bonds: The D'Riel Web
By Doctor Robinson: Linnis D'Trel (after assault by doctor in asylum);
By Luis Aedui: Fionna Aedui;
By Y'Roden D'Riel: Fechine D'Riel, Drysi D'Riel and Yseult D'Riel (twins), and B'Roden D'Riel.
By Daemonorel Ashev: Deimos and Alantha Ashev (twins)
By Fionna Aedui and Tobin Black: Corbin Black.
Silverthorn was born in an area known as the Tauremorna, or Dark Woods, under the name of Arianne Badb Catha. Her parents, although both elves, came from two feuding clans. Her mother, Cerys Windsinger, was an Aarataurean. Her father, Kieran Badb Catha, was a Tauremornan. whilst studying away from home as a mage, a raid on her home village took place which resulted in the loss of nearly all the inhabitants, including her parents. Guilt at her absence during this time led to her renouncing her gift for many years and taking up her present occupation as a mercenary and an assassin. It was during this time that she also became known as Silverthorn, the Common version of a childhood nickname, silme-nasse bestowed on her by her brother.

Her first significant relationship was with a half-elven mercenary called Aidan O'Connell. They met only a short time after her parents death whilst employed for the same company of mercenaries. This relationship only lasted for a few months as Aidan, although willing to have a relationship with a soldier, was unable to deal with her skill as an assassin.

Many centuries later, having just entered her second millenia, Silverthorn began an on-off relationship with another mercenary captain called Richard de Warrener. He was one of her closest friends but their work meant that they were not always in the same place at the same time. His death in battle five years later grieved her.

Aged 2000 years Silverthorn met a vampire called Myklor and was Embraced (Club Carpe Noctem). She was later turned back into an elf but the experience left its mark. She awoke to find herself in an asylum for the dangerously insane. She had been kept sedated, restrained and isolated due to the severity of her attacks on nursing staff and other inmates. Eventually she did manage to escape from the asylum after setting fire to the wing in which she had been confined. It was not until over a millenia later that she discovered that whilst she was in asylum a rape by Doctor James Robinson had resulted in her giving birth to a daughter, Linnis, who was adopted by the D'Trel family.

Luis Aedui is the third of her significant relationships. The lord of the isle of Paradelos and the father of her daughter, Fionna, Silverthorn chose to walk away from him and their infant daughter only a week after the birth. She still feels that this was the only decision she could have made at the time given her dangerous and unstable lifestyle which could have endangered one or both of the others.

It was Y'Roden D'Riel who first managed to capture her heart and soul, however. He was her bondmate and husband, the pair of them sharing lifelines so that if one should die so will the other. By him she has four children, a two sons, Fechine and B'Roden, and twin daughters called Drysi and Yseult. But then death came to S'Hea, and their tie was severed, Y'Roden choosing to take his cousin's place in the casket when B'Rodyn was resurrected. Following Y'Roden's resurrection the couple continued to go their separate ways.

After her divorce Silverthorn became involved with the First Captain of the Black Guard, Daemonorel Ashev. They became lovers, only to discover that their relationship was more than mere attraction. The threads of their lives were being woven in tandem by Nuuruhuine, a goddess of Elemmire and the exact same goddess as Aerdon's Ny-emarr. She is his Velkh'airee, the missing half to his warrior soul, the Valkyrie of her goddess. Once he fully accepts Ny-emarr's 'mark' as her chosen, he will become her Bel-ranih, the Chooser of Battles, the counterpoint to Elemmire's Chooser of the Slain... the Raven.

Other Information:

  • Silverthorn will almost always introduce herself as Silverthorn or Thorn, never as Arianne. Only close friends and family will use her real name.
  • Silverthorn cannot be read by empaths or psi talents under normal circumstances as her mental barriers are simply too strong. She has therefore been referred to as a 'black hole'. However, when pushed to her emotional limits this reverses and she begins to project in a major way. 
  • Silverthorn's soul takes the form of a silver mist interwoven with threads of black and gold. The black represents the dark magic, the gold the gift of Aedammair.
  • Silverthorn's magic usually takes the form of a silver mist or tendrils.
  • When Silverthorn uses her dark magic it is black in colour, generally either tendrils or flames, and her eyes turn completely black with no white or iris showing.
  • The spoken language of the Tauremornan Elves is a bastardised version of the purer Elven spoken by the Elves of the Aarataure, heavily influenced by the Dark Elven language. The musical elven tongue, similar to Terran Irish, is now 'marred' by the harsh clicks and sibilant whispers of the dark elven language. This accent is most evident in Thorn when she is upset or angry. Under normal circumstances, she can be virtually accent-less.
  • Her favourite drink is whiskey, something her brother blames on developing a taste for Athiyk (Tauremornan potcheen) when she was younger. She also likes To'ral (a pale green drink similar to Terran absinthe) if she can get her hands on it.
  • She has a particular fondness for sharp objects and has been known to drive the stall-holders of weapons stalls to distraction in her search for the perfect knife.

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