Character Details - Ilfirin Yuula

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The Bright Child

Name: Ilfirin Yuula (means Immortal Ember)
Race: Phoenix (derived long ago from an elven strain)
Age: immortal (currently in year 845 of the 1000year cycle)
Sex: female
Height: 6ft 2”
Build: slim, delicate seeming, immensely athletic
Appearance: Ilfirin has wild, untameable flame-red hair, large almond shaped eyes are an intense flame-red, the long, narrow iris’ shift and alter continuously. Wide, flat cheekbones and a vixen-pointed chin draw the eye to her full, lush red lips, a stark contrast to the deep golden warmth of her flesh. High, pointed ears peek out amongst her hair. Sweeping out in a glorious golden and flamed arc from smooth, muscular shoulders are a huge pair of bird-like wings. With a 10ft span they stand tall above her head when furled (lest she trip over her wing-tips), gently cupping and covering her back and spine, sculptured tips tickling the back of her calves.

A brief, cloth-of-gold halter covers (barely) full, proud breasts, an ankle-length loincloth chained high above each hip of the same cloth, with a triangular flamed bronze plate overlays her pelvis. Delicate-seeming gold slippers are bound by gold ribbons up her calves, stiff red leather shoulder plates, garlanded with wickedly sharp dragon’s teeth help hold her halter in place. A flame red stone replaces her navel on her smooth bare stomach.

Etched gold armbands firmly clasp the smooth golden bronze flesh of Ilfirin’s biceps and fore arms, forming gauntlet like points over the tops of her hands. Ilfirin bears a 6-½ ft golden spear, with a weaving, sinuous tip, flanked by a pointed, horned flange.


Phoenix’s are hatched from an egg, the mysteries of how Phoenix’s conceive and whelp an egg to the nurturing Fires Of Rebirth in the heart of the Phoenix lands within the Calabrin Range on Shalaamah is largely unknown, those rites being a sacred and secret act, never discussed ‘outside the family’ as it were. Only a single egg is nurtured at any one time, and a single child born from that egg.

In the Yuula twin’s case, something – it is never spoken of – happened to cause the precious embryo encased within the egg to split, creating for the first time in the history of this race pf phoenixes, twin girls. It is difficult to determine wether because some interference occurred to make the twins in the first place, or the very fact that twins were born of one egg (perhaps one child is born to one egg for a reason?), but the twins are dramatically different creatures.

From the outset Ilfirin was a carefree, light-hearted, lusty and typically erratic example of her breed, delighting in anything that captured her interest or sparked a creative streak. Agarwaen was markedly different, cold, cool, indifferent and aloof, interested in only those things that could increase her power or influence. Agarwaen had a dark, dangerous way about her.

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