Character Details - Master Stophecles

Written by RuneBard

Stophecles, Master Vintner – The Satyr


Name: Stophecles

Race: Satyr

Age: 2240

Sex: Male

Height: 5ft 6’

Appearance: Satyrs are a race who look like men from the waist up, but have the hindquarters and hooves as well as the tails and horns of goats. Stophecles has deep umber eyes, high arching brows and a high forehead.  His rich chocolate coloured hair sweeps back into peaks, his hard, blunt horns curling forward though it. His ears are slightly elongated, his hearing sharp, and his jaw is firm, tapering to a rounded point. Depending on his mood of the moment, a neatly trimmed goatee often decorates his face.


Stophecles is nimbly built; wide, balanced shoulders taper to a narrow waist before becoming lost in the thick, silky, brindle hair of his hindquarters. Dressed in his tailored leather tunic in Blackthorn House colours over a loose white or black cotton shirt, the gold and emerald chain of Mastery draping his collar he cuts a fine and dashing figure.

Occupation: Master Vintner of the Blackthorn Keep. Stophecles is responsible for a vast majority of the wines and liqueurs gracing Emporer Callan’s tables, expert in the brewing and pressing of myriad fruits and grains to produce the flavours he has become famous for. Stophecles closely guards his secrets of grape and grain, as closely as he guards his precious cellars from uninvited and unwelcomed pilferings. He tends to take insult to wayward ‘help ones-self’ attitudes as much as he takes pride in effortlessly finding the precise vintage requested.

Personality: Stophecles is a generally light hearted and cheerful creature, he’s an exquisite dancer, delighting in leaving his partner breathless after a turn about the floor. Of an idle afternoon, or in the early morns you might often find him sitting by one of the pools in the Hanging Garden’s, enchanting birds and plants alike with the haunting beauty evoked on panpipes. If you listened about the Keep’s kitchens and servants quarters you’d here rumour and gossip of the enchantments of more nocturnal music, and a large amount of it is nigh well true. Stophecles emits subtle aromas, rich earthy musk’s overlayed with cinnamon and vanilla, that women of many races find appealing. If he’s in musth at the time, he’s well nigh irresistible. Randy as he is, he rarely seeks out women for his bed – why do the chasing when they willingly come to you? – the only exception being nymphs. Most satyr find it difficult to contain themselves in the presence of a nymph, and Stophecles is no different.


When not playing his pipes, or entertaining a willing lady, he is to be found in The Cellar. Drop in, sample a drop and share an idle while.

                                                        In Vino Veritus


                                                 In Wine There Is Truth

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