Character Details - Chari Blackthorn

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Name: Chari Blackthorn (Shh-ar-ree)
Race: Half Aerdon dragon, Half Serleaon dragon.
Age: 2500
Sex: female.
Height: approx 42ft (on all fours, base of forefoot to brow ridges)
Length: approx 48ft (snout to rump)
Wingspan: approx 72ft
Tail-length: approx 43ft
Colour: stunning woad blue into sea green, darkening to black at spinal-crest, frill and tail, fine mist of silver overlays the lot.
Eyes: match body colouration, pupils black vertical slits, and iris’ sea green at the center fading out to woad blue. Mist over silver when in a Rage, feeling strongly about something or in the midst of a mage-cast.
Personality: Feisty! Incredibly intelligent, notoriously sarcastic and highly determined when stirred to action. Chari is not often incited to anger, though when she does fall into a Rage, it takes some entirely eloquent persuasion to make her put down her Rage.
Chari delights in studying the two-legged peoples in the worlds, often provoking situations simply to see what reactions occur.
Weapons/Skills: uses electrical shocks as means of defence and attack, also practices magic, however, the item or person to be enspelled must be under her touch at the time. She cannot create something which did not exist, or enspell something she isn’t touching. This magic can be used for healing, however, to use it to do so causes her to tire quite quickly and if used too much, and can completely exhaust her.

Chari is now the same age her mother was when she passed away…

Arta&Chari's Abode - The Blackthorn Keep, Diirlathe


· Both Artasshy and Chari, each at their own ends of the same realm are caught unawares, and unprotected in a violent mage-storm. Unbeknownst to them, the realm had been savagely ripped by such storms every bi-millennia. Artasshy, and Chari were unaware of this, having each in their own manner only arrived within the realm inside the same 24hr period. (Terran Standard Time)

· Trapped by the immense pull and glare of the storm, both Artasshy and Chari are sucked into the same…space, a slightly lesser storm-wracked bubble caught in the vortex of all realms.

· Now trapped in magical flux, a melding occurred. The physical form of the two souls blended, Artasshy ’s form taking dominance over the two-legged form, save the eye colouration, and Chari maintaining her original dragonic form, now indisputably a part of Artasshy. As Artasshy is to Chari.

¨ They are now left in something akin to the more traditional dragon/skinwalker relationship, however both minds function equally regardless of wether they are in dragon or elven form.

¨ Of course Chari is a Female Dragon, and Artasshy an Elven Male, a fact that has caused much trials and tribulations, as well as amusement for the so-different souls now bound to inhabit one fleshed entity.

· Finer details still in the working!

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