Character Details - Artasshy Tan'dani

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Name: Artasshy Tan’dani (Arr-tash-shee Tan-dah-nee)
Race: Elven – From the Realm of Shalaamah.
Age: 470 years old. (Appears to be 29 in human terms).
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 1.5”
Build: Lithe, narrow frame with compact muscles. Tapers from the shoulder to slim hips.
Appearance: Luminous lavender/violet eyes with iris’ slit vertical like a cats, sun-kissed deep walnut brown hair, sharply pointed ears and warm malt-pale skin mould the features of a worldly man. He wears a gold ring in his left ear lobe, set with a tiny amethyst. He most commonly favours wearing mostly white, or mostly black, rarely donning another colour for his main dress. Open-necked, flocked-cotton shirts, comfortable, snug fitting pants and well-moulded black leather boots. Arta’s concession to colour comes in the sashes bound about his waist, and the subtle trimmings at collar and cuff. The many and marvellous shades of blue, green and purple are his choice in such matters.
Personality: A journeyman bard of sorts, he lacks any formal training but is possessed of a fine singing voice – a rich baritone - and a love of entertaining and story telling. Artasshy wanders the many realms, making small performances and telling many a story to the rural folks.
Given to dramatic swings of mood he can fall from high-spirited merry-making to maudlin fits of melancholy.
Due to his entertaining ways he little lacks for the company of womankind, delighting in exploring the charms of many a willing maiden. Fathers, lock up your daughters!
Skills/Weapons: A fine storyteller, performer and showman he’ll try his hand to most musical instruments and plumb the minds of anyone he encounters for thrilling and amusing tales to tell in his wandering.
Artasshy carries a steel-shod pilgrims-staff mounted with a perfectly spherical globe of solid moonstone at its top. This doubles as a remarkably stout weapon, and allows him to access those few inherent elven mage practices he carries in his bloodline. That of illusion, truth-saying and subtle elemental manipulations. The pilgrim-staff is quite often gaily decorated with ribbons, feathers and streamers both to advertise Arta’s stock-in-trade and to disguise the exact nature of it.
Artasshy is kin to RuneBard.

Blackthorn Crest


· Both Artasshy and Chari, each at their own ends of the same realm are caught unawares, and unprotected in a violent mage-storm. Unbeknownst to them, the realm had been savagely ripped by such storms every bi-millennia. Artasshy, and Chari were unaware of this, having each in their own manner only arrived within the realm inside the same 24hr period. (Terran Standard Time)

· Trapped by the immense pull and glare of the storm, both Artasshy and Chari are sucked into the same…space, a slightly lesser storm-wracked bubble caught in the vortex of all realms.

· Now trapped in magical flux, a melding occurred. The physical form of the two souls blended, Artasshy ’s form taking dominance over the two-legged form, save the eye colouration, and Chari maintaining her original dragonic form, now indisputably a part of Artasshy. As Artasshy is to Chari.

¨ They are now left in something akin to the more traditional dragon/skinwalker relationship, however both minds function equally regardless of wether they are in dragon or elven form.

¨ Of course Chari is a Female Dragon, and Artasshy an Elven Male, a fact that has caused much trials and tribulations, as well as amusement for the so-different souls now bound to inhabit one fleshed entity.

· Finer details still in the working!

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