Character Details - Ormr Afdrifa

Written by RuneBard


Name: Ormr Afdrifa ~ which means Serpent of Fate or Snake of Destiny
Race: Human                                           
Age: 33
Height: 5’ 11”
Build: flexible, medium build
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Trade: ‘Herb man’, actually an assassin
Weapons: Poison, administered however chance and the ‘client’ requires. The bulk of his poisons are herb-based, though snake venoms and some other stranger poisons come his way quite readily.

Sports a wicked serpent-hilted dagger, the serpent biting the dagger blade, its body and tail coiled around the hilt. Its eyes are of flawless amber. The dagger is sheathed in plain black leather on his left hip.

Appearance: Ormr wears non-descript, sombre coloured clothing, designed to make him look humble and unassuming as well as not particularly wealthy. To date his narrow, economically muscled frame is clad in well-fitted dark leather pants, iron-grey cotton shirt, well mended and clean, though shabby, and soft flexible suede leather boots.

Dark piercing black eyes are framed by arching brows and unruly black hair. Regardless of his state of hygiene, Ormr’s hair never fell in anything but untidy clumps. Ormr’s most notable features are the scars adorning his face. A deep scar runs from near the corner of his lips along his jaw-line terminating a bare inch from his jugular on both sides of his face. Both cheeks have lighter cuts a finger’s length in the hollows. Above his right brow, a slice runs like an angry frown line into the hairline. Almost un-noticed are the various dents and chips out of his chin and cheekbones. Several of these scars are gifts from the Master. A neat moustache a goatee also stencil his face.

Background: Ormr was picked up off the streets as a child, an orphaned gutter-rat, some unknown wretches’ unwanted spawn, none would note or care about a child taken Lord Af-Karr whom most of the populace considered no more than an eccentric gentleman who lived lonely on the wild sea coast.

Lord Af-Karr was in fact a dark sorcerer. A man so immersed in foul magic’s and fouler practices that the meanest cutthroat and coldest murderer cringed beneath his gaze. Af-Karr took the child Ormr into his home, slowly and patiently shaping the lad into a useful tool. By the time Ormr was 7 he was so thoroughly ensorcelled he could not have spoken his own name unless his Master wished him so. In his 11th year, Ormr killed his first man, delivering a bottle of rare wine to a merchant, wine laced with Wolf Bane. A gift from the Master.

Upon reaching puberty, Ormr’s ensorcellment was being reduced as Af-Karr used him more and more in his dark rituals. Under Af-Karr’s teachings, Ormr became a skilled assassin, incredibly talented in herb lore and poisons, a proficient fighter, a true Master of the Serpent Arts in his own right, and best of all – atleast in Af-Karr’s eyes- he was 100% biddable, entirely trustworthy and virtually emotionless regardless of the situation.

Ormr learnt many a cold cruel lesson in the fourteen years he lived with the ‘Master’, earning punishments and accolades both, the ‘honour’ of being marked by the Master. Faced with horror after horror, fed lies and promises both half ensorcelled and venom swimming more often than not, Ormr the person retreated. In those years, the essence, the very heart of the child living free on the village streets fled, deep within, until there wasn’t a hint of who or what he might have been had the Fate’s been kinder.

In his 19th year, Ormr killed his Master. Taking Af-Karr’s life as coolly and emotionlessly as he had every other mark. Ormr had his freedom and he took it along with whatever wealth Af-Karr had readily to hand, walking away from the only home he could remember, and caring little.

Personality: Ormr is a dry man, not much given to laughing or smiling…of expressing his feelings much at all! A talented assassin, highly flexible to each client’s wants and needs, he can poison a single man at an immense gathering without another soul coming to harm. Ironically given his trade, he’s learnt an incredible amount of herb lore for healing as well as harm, it’s one of the few topics he’ll discuss with any feeling.

Oh, and don’t mention serpents in a harsh light, he happens to feel rather personally about his scaley friends, and you won’t want to drink something unpleasant now would you? * all wide-eyed innocence *

These days he roams from place to place, world and realm hopping as need requires, leaving a scattered path of sick a deceased mark’s behind him. If you’ve herbs to buy – or poisons – or seek vengeance on your foes, Ormr can assist you.

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