Character Details - Fïnealin Melasässon (Straithcairn)

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Name: Fïnealin Mellasässon (Straithcairn)
Race: Human mother, Therianised human Father
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 3"
Appearance: Fïnealin has dark brown hair, struck lighter in places by sun and wind, even skin tone and striking features. His jaw has a strong masculine line, his cheekbones wide and flat, lips sensual and expressive. It is in Fïnealin’s eyes that the most notable feature is marked however, for his eyes are the exact same rich golden-brown of a lion’s, deep, intense, and heart rending.

Fïnealin favours tight leather pants, loose-fitting shirts and well-worn boots, customarily in dark colours. Currently his pants are deep brown, as are his boots, his shirt is a rich blue-black, accentuating the his carefully cultivated stubble running along the jaw line and caressing the tender undersides of neck and chin. A black great-cloak, trimmed with fox-fur drapes his tall, lean form.

Fïnealin and Keirallä are cousins, born of identical twin mothers, sisters so in tune with one another, so in harmony both in body and soul, that when one spoke, the other finished the sentence. Pain inflicted upon one, causes equal pain in the other, and ultimately, when one conceived, so too did the other. No one knows which woman had the lover, nor indeed whom he was, no one dare ask, for they’d never get an answer, and only inflict mortal pain to both women.

The twins have always lived together, sharing a modest home and tending their gardens. Incredible dark-haired beauties, warm eyed and warm hearted, none were turned from their door, the wounded, the homeless and the lost invariably found their door, be they beast or man, all found succour and welcome. One can only assume the mysterious father of the twin’s children was one such visitor, given the rare honour of entering the private sanctum, and heart, of one of the women. All that is known is that he was perhaps more unusual than your average wayfarer, for he sired children perhaps more unique than their mothers.

Fïnealin and Keirallä might as well be twins themselves, born in the exact same moment, their mother’s side-by-side, as they were in the moments following the birth, lying milk-eyed and blood-streaked together on the soft downy blankets, hands locked together, babes kicking and screaming at the sudden and abrupt removal of their safe warm worlds, thrust into light and life.

The pair have grown up, under the loving shelter of their mothers, Mellanä and Mellasä, grown and flourished, learnt skills both mundane and marvellous…learnt the true inheritance their own eyes heralded. Fïnealin with his rich baritone voice, compelling height, and languid, fluid grace and Keirallä, her voice a sultry contralto, frame both shorter and lighter than Fïnealin’s, agile, fast and enduring.

Skills: Keirallä and Fïnealin received weapons training from Bordas an itinerant weapons master, while they are both capable of using edged blades and weapons, their preferences lay in 'bloodless' weaponry. Neither utter a sound be it in training or in battle, earning them the nickname 'the Quiet Warriors'.

Fïnealin wields a tall quarterstaff, made of seasoned hardwood, steel shod and leather bound. Keirallä bares the unusual implements of two short poles, on one tip of both there is a metal loop, which when hooked onto a length of chain,(generally hanging from her belt), creates a deadly combination of added length and the ability for Keirallä to spin her weapons independently of each other.

Fïnealin has learnt the healing craft from his mother Mellasä, whilst Keirallä excels in the extraction of dyes and perfumes from the plants in her mother Mellanä's garden.

Added to these learnt skills is a few inherent peculiarities, for the strangeness of their eyes is a mere indicator of their natures.

Keirallä and Fïnealin can, in moments of extreme emotion -like fear, protectiveness and anger, and occasionally excitement- alter their forms. Keirallä taking on the form of an agile wolf, Fïnealin taking the form of a lithe lion. These other forms are not just supplementary bodies, they are the core of the cousins personalities, and a balance to their bond.

Fïnealin with his dark colouring appears better suited to the night, yet the lion inside is a beast of the sun, Keirallä's burnished red hair a fair skin seem better suited to daylight, yet the wolf within is a creature of the night. So are they balanced.


Fïnealin and Keirallä were originally inspired by the lyrics of a song sung by Jewel called ‘Quiet Warrior’.

Quiet Warrior

Standing in a circle, the wolves have come.

But they won’t bother no one.

‘Cause dancing with her hands of leaves,

She’ll sing for them.

And ease their hunger, and,

She’s a quiet warrior.

Standing at the ocean’s stormy shores,

The waves all worship her.

She stands in trust,

And let’s the night swallow her.

Because she knows that she’s a piece of the sun.

And a quiet warrior.

You ask her how does the wind blow?

She says it’s how the sky sings.

And you ask her why does the sun rise?

She’ll say it’s because you desire it to be seen.

And you ask her how does she make your heart fly?

And she’ll tell you, you know why.

She’s a quiet warrior.

Raven’s, they rest, on his golden crown,

And steal your soul.

He smiles, and it feels like

You’ve known him.

Yes, it feels like coming home.

He’s a quiet warrior.

Roaring silently he’s a lion,

And he’ll hunt for you.

His eyes are warm because his hands,

They are made of light.

And they seduce your soul.

He’s a quiet warrior.

You ask him where from the wind blows?

He says that the Earth breaths.

And you ask him how does the sun rise?

He says that She’s got wings.

And you ask him how does he make your heart fly?

And he’ll tell you, you know why.

He’s a quiet warrior.


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