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Race: Elven
Age: Indeterminate.
Sex: Female.
Height: 4ft 7'
Appearance: RuneBard is a fragile-seeming woman of an indistinguishable age. With dark nut-brown skin, high, well defined cheek bones, heart shaped face and long, knee length silver hair frames her large emerald green cat-slit eyes and delicate lips, RuneBard appears as ageless as the deep forest, and as hauntingly wise and wild.

Clothing her tiny, child-like frame in a simple seeming black velvet tunic and leggings, with high, soft suede boots, also black, Rune always wears a deep hooded cloak of darkest black velvet. Concealed beneath her cloak is a delicate silver quiver, graved with runic script, attached to the belt just behind her right hip, and her light, highly accurate re-curved bow, when not slung over her right shoulder, resided comfortably unstrung in her quiver. On the left side of Rune's belt you will find five tiny throwing daggers in a neat row always ready to hand. Over her left shoulder she carries a midnight velvet pouch-bag, it always appears to be empty, but actually contains her rune-stones and many other necessities. The bag itself is magically tuned to Rune, allowing her to access the item in mind, whilst any inquisitive thief lucky enough to get their hands on it will find naught but empty hands.

Hidden also, within the depths of her cloak, and beneath her velvet clothing, are silvery runes, running along her skin, under her skin, along her body's energy paths. The runes had been there always, running in liquid starry silver traceries down her spine, radiating out from her solar plexus in intricate whorls and sigils, down her limbs and onto the top of her feet and hands. They were permanent indicators of her runic powers, those sparkling, silvery lines that danced, ever danced just beneath her flesh. RuneBard rarely removed her cloak for this reason, it was unnerving sight, even to her own folk.

Skills: Whilst being a more than fair archer, and a deadly throw with her daggers, RuneBard is an Elven Seeress, casting omens, prophecies, and fates that come to her through her rune-stones. The ability to commune with most natural life forms and more than a few so-called unnatural ones, Rune spends most of her time in remote forests and hidden groves, communicating with the pure, wild energies of nature - a necessary balance to the pain, both physical and mental, some omens and prophecies bring on.

Rune has a basically friendly nature, although her time spent with the wild animals of the lands has given her a rather fey and wild aspect that surfaces all to readily. Mischief and pranks are some of her favourite past-times, and with her tiny stature she can get into many places un-noticed, giving greater chance for fun. Rune long ago discovered that humans especially paid very little real attention to children, and used this to her advantage many a time, seeing and hearing things thought kept secret.

Although most often preferring her solitude, RuneBard often travels, looking to see new sights, meet new peoples, and always trying to have a good time along the way, for like most of her breed, she has an easy going and timeless nature.

From time to time you will find Losa'eleer accompanying her, he is a Great Snowy Owl, and a dear friend and companion to Rune for most of her life, he's a sarcastic mind-speaking bird, but infinitely loyal to Rune, he's not a bad dispenser of advice either, even if he does tend to be somewhat blunt.

***Losa'eleer = snoweyes***

Seeress of Shalaamah

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