Character Details - Anelain D'riel Ilander Alcarin Greyford

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Name: Anelain Ilander D'Riel Alcarin Greyford
Race: Elen/S'Hean/Human/Elven
Height: 5'4
Hair: Waist Length, Deep Red, White Streaks at Temples
Eyes: Egyptian-Blue
Actual Age: 1342 (As of The Awakening)
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Ranger
Marital Status: Married to Kalab Greyford
Children: An'Eka Greyford
Weapons: Sword, Bow
Magic: D'Riel Conduit/Aethyr Mage
Dragon Self: Nela (Gold)

The daughter of An'Thaya D'riel Alcarin, Galain Alcarin, and Elyen Ilander. Elyen is her biological father, but Galain's DNA was intigrated into hers after conception. Like all of the D'riel line she was born with a Conduit within her soul that allows her to magnify magic by ten times its original casting.

Anelain 'Hatched' before she was born, becoming dragon before she left her mother's womb after being exposed to the Aeglos. Her dragonself is a Gold by the name of Nela.
Raised by Summerlin Alcarin she was trained to be a Magi, and through her mother An'Thaya she learned the skills of a warrior. Profecient with the sword as well as the spell she is a survivor, and became a member of the elite Elen Rangers several years before she was forced to leave the city of Alcarinque when her GrandFather Gareth Alcarin ursurped the throne.

About seven years ago she gave in to King B'Rodyn D'Riel's request and left Berelath. Moving in with her long time beau, Kalab Greyford of Arlsyn, they now reside in a cabin not far from SilverDragon Ridge. Both she and her Melda have accepted positions with the S'Hean Rangers of Nenlante.

Anelain and Kalab eloped rather than having a formal ceremony. Arminiea herself joined the couple in Megifte, and sometime later the couple had a daughter who they named An'Eka.

Personality: The Dragon-Mage is quiet around those she doesn't know, much like her Aunt Summerlin, but she has a playful and mischievious side as well. She loves her family deeply, and is fiercely protective of them. Once her loyalty is won it is not easily shaken.

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