Character Details - Gemini Match

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Gemini's lie.

"The trouble with being a shift shaper is, No one believes you're really you" Gemini.

Gemini, Gemi-lie . .

Current 'Real' Name : Gemini Match
Nicknames (Things people who think they're her friends like to call her): Gemmi (Jemmi), also Gem, Liar, Match, Gemi-lie,
Alias': Gemini Match, Gemma Kialgeyr, Kia Gemmus, Kialgeyr Gemini, Gemini Kialgeyr, Gemini Muutus, Kialgeyr Aberro, Gemilie Muutus, Gemilie Aberro, Double Gemini, Match Double, Gemini Davis, Match Smith,
Height: Variable
Appearance: Variable
Point of origin: Unknown
Age : Unknown

Race claimed as : Kialgeyr, though (it is claimed) has also used the term Diamon, appears human.

Only Reference Found in : HHGTG :
Kialgeyr :
hypocrite, twister, deceiver, con man, illusionist, schemer, deceitful person, cheat, double-dealer, fly boy, swindler, fiddler, plotter, trickster

Someone once told Gemini that when the phrase 'Snake in the grass' had been invented, the author'd been thinking of her. She laughed and replied "Thats silly, I don't like grass" and shot him in the face.

She's your light hearted assassin, the devil who may care, the flake, the twirling dirvish. She laughs, she sings, she makes it hard to believe she's an assassin. And she is Very Very good at her job.

Gemini also works as a spacer. She is familiar with the weapons of several universes as a result of her time with the Dukerians and can perform in almost any role aboard ship. She is familiar with triage, but is not familiar with most healing arts. Gemini has a knack for having the odds land in her favour, and is very good at disguise (Though it is unknown whether she is actually a shape shifter).

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kylie Minogue