Character Details - Sabrina CamWethrin

Written by Arianafoxx


Full Name : Sabrina Aidan Cam'Wetherin
Alias : 'Linna'
Age : 25
Height : 5'9
Build : Athletic.
Point of Origin : Elemmiire, Eastern Continent

History : Born to the daughter of a fisherman just outside the village of Tasarinhoopa Sabrina is the result of a drow rape. She does not know her father, and after her upbringing she does not care to. Based upon her appearance it is presumeable that the 'drow' was more or equally dark elf to drow.

Largely disdained as a result of the circumstances surrounding her birth and viewed somewhat suspiciously as a result of her half breed nature Sabrina has been somewhat an outsider all her life. At the age of 17 she ran away from home and had the misfortune to be captured by a group of slavers. The next three years were spent in a haze of drugs and experiences which could she remember them, she would still prefer not to. She woke one morning deep within the Tauremorna with the living gauntlet she now bears attached to her wrist surrounded by dead and mutilated bodies. Briefly she went mad, and screamed. Hours later she recovered herself and began to make her way home knowing no other place. It did not take long into her trek for her to realise that she would not be readily accepted at home either. Unwilling to explore her drow heritage or make contact with the elves viewed with such despisement within her village she began to live a solitary existence within the forest watching over less wary travelers and she has slowly become a very competent woodswoman.

Sabrina worships no gods or goddesses, feeling they have forsaken her and her kin and deserve like treatment. She feels strongly only about protecting those she has taken (Unknowingly to them) under her charge.

Sabrina does not fully understand the powers of her gauntlet, nor is she aware of the circumstances that led to it being attached to her, she is aware that it is conscious and can sometimes feel its desires, or will upon occasion finding it acting beyond her own will however for the most part it is under her control. It has so far proved resistant to magic, and it has never tired. It is capable of covering Sabrina's body in a substance similar to dragon scale, which is to say living concious and witha texture not entirely unlike reptile skin. However she has not yet found a material capable of doing it harm (Due to her lack of experience inteh world no doubt), like normal armour when the armour is struck she will bruise beneath it although it does cushion some of hte impact. The Gauntlet can also exude flame and appendages which can be used as blades or ropes although these appendages cannot be freed from the gauntlet itself.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a living organism similar in some respects to a symbiote. Both pieces capable of living without the other.

It is currently attached to Sabrina CamWetherin, and as far as is known is the only one in existence.

The Gauntlet must agree to its bearer and cannot be 'forced' to do anything against its will (Such as change hosts, or be controlled through control of Sabrina). It is a seperate 'being' from its host in many ways, capable of holding its own memories, thoughts, and desires.

The Gauntlet by and large responds to Sabrina's will or desire. She thinks of what she would like it to do and as far as is within its capabilities it performs her desire. Her thoughts can be general nothing more than a feeling that expresses 'stop falling' or specificly thought out 'grasp that branch there, construct net beneath to break fall' and may produce an equally varied reaction. 'Stop Falling' for instance might produce anything from a net, to a single tendril extending from the bracelet form of the gauntlet and almost tearing her arm off to the intricate net of the second example. The Gauntlet will choose whatever it 'feels' appropriate from the memories/experiences at its disposal and its 'mood'. The second example, a specific instruction, meets with much the same response as the first does. The gauntlet will decide if it is a good plan based on its host's desire, and its experiences in similar situations and produce either Sabrina's expressed desire, something better, or if it is feeling difficult, remain in bracelet form and almost tear her arm off by catching her with a single tendril.

Sabrina is unable to detect the gauntlets mood, knowing it is being difficult only when it fails to act in a desired manner. She does not know what sets it off, or what makes it happy.

The Gauntlet is capable of expanding its mass and presence to a degree Sabrina has not tested, the greatest extension of it so far being full body armour plus tendrils. It's smallest possible reduction, is to a bracelet approximately 1.5 inches across and half an inch in depth. When in bracelet form it is also completely in contact with Sabrina's skin. It cannot render her invisible or decrease her weight/height/density, although it is capable of increasing all of them.

The gauntlet when extended feels like a combination of 'flesh' with texture similar to shark cartilege, and/or dragon skin, and ridges which are like bone. It is predominantely gray in color though green or red tones might appear mixed in. The sensation when encased by it is similar to being wrapped in cotton wool, fluffy, overwarm, and vaguely unreal. The gauntlet cannot disguise itself and does not change color or texture.

The gauntlet's 'flesh' or armour has not been punctured by anything it has yet experienced with Sabrina, though it is likely more as a result of a lack of experience.

Currently the Gauntlet heals occasional surface wounds by remaining knit over the damaged area, further healing capabilities have not been explored, nor insisted upon by the gauntlet and for most injuries Sabrina relies on what knowledge she has gathered of the Tauremorna, and upon healers in a handful of towns which surround it.

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