Character Details - Adrian Pev'Reihn

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"When I said I was going to Love you Forever, Forever is what I meant'.

Adrian, is a little crazy.

Age : 1300

Height : 6'1

History :

Adrian was born on the same planet as Foxx and was her first love, husband and bond in that order.

He was born approximately fifty to a hundred and fifty years before Foxx in a slight more western region. ¬ His mother was full blooded elven, his father a human woodsman/ranger.¬ His mother had fallen in love with his father and run off with him, something which elven society regarded with strong distate and disapproval.¬ No longer willing to wait for her return they placed the home under seige, and slayed Adrians father.¬ Sick and dying from grief Adrians mother grasped a seed and infused it with her life force willing a safe place for Adrian,a¬ tree grew swiftly and within it his mother hid Adrian.¬

Days after the local lord happened upon the burnt remains of the cottage and found Adrian. Adrian was then brought back to the manor house and raised alongside the lords son as help mate and friend.

At the age of fifteen Adrian sought papers to go forth into the world and seek his fortune, and two days after leaving the manor house he found it.

He was recruited and swiftly rose through the ranks of what became known as the 'Lague Pev'Reihn' or League of Darkness/Night. An organization commited to teh overthrow and extermination of the Elves. At the time he met Foxx Adrian was in the top rank of this company.

Adrian first seen Foxx days after the destruction of her father sboat, pick pocketing in the local marketplace. Instantly he was intrigued, by the boldness with which she moved and the anger which seemed to burn inside her. It would not take him long to find her, recruit her and turn that anger to a more beneficial use.

As her training and involvement in the group grew so did their interaction, Adrain eventually coming to fall in love with her. Their romance would span centuries before collapsing, leading to marriage a bond and an unborn child.¬ Her unwillingness to bear an heir until his war was done, his need for such, a thousand other small and large battles drawing them apart. The seperated and continued in the world.¬ Foxx seeking peace in secured territories, Adrian continuing to lead his war to eradicate elven kind.

Eventually the mages under the employ of the lague found a way.¬ A spell which required two full trained mages competent in a certain type of spell casting to work in tandem to split the heart of the planet.¬ Unwilling to trust the mages, fearing they might be tempted to do awa with him and assume his seat of power Adrian sought out Foxx promising a release from their bond and an end to the war in exchange for the performance of this single spell.¬ Foxx agreed.

Halfway through though, the spell went horribly wrong. The planetary life force twisted itself away from him and threw itself full force at Foxx. The brilliance of its manna blinded him and he found their bond blocked by its radience. Swiftly bad turned to worse, the spell and the bond tearing at his soul, and then, ground collapsing beneath him, water surging inwards, molten lava.¬ The elements of the planet layed seige upon him and he found himself buried alive in dirt concious of water, deep water, above him, and above that yet more earth¬ air and fire.

Worst of all the bond he shared with Foxx was dampened and had begun to fade.

In this state he would remain for over a thousand yearstrapped bodily his soul unable to expess itself even to the one who held part of it.

And then, he got free.¬ A spell begun by those who'd carried on the lague work after the 'death' of Adrian and the betrayal of Foxxfire happened upon the final spell, and once more cast it, this time, releasing the powers of the planet to Adrian in their entirety. In his anger he tore the planet asunder, using the remainign power to swell his reserves and portal as far towards Foxx as he could manage.

Adrian would end up in Star Union. An Agent against the Dukerians, who would help perfect the knowledge required to rip space and persue the Dukerians pan-dimensionally.¬

One night he awoke, somehow able to fully access the bond he possessed with Foxx once more. Accessing it he found she had taken another, and through it, he overtook her as she slept using abilities she had gained since leaving him to destroy the mind of the man she had taken in his absense, another he became aware of in her mind, another bond, though different,¬ at this time¬ eluded him despite how he sought. Exhuasted resources, depleted, Adrian was forced to pull back.¬ And he swore he would never give up. Renewed he would begin the search for Foxx with renewed vigour, redoublign his efforts on the behalf of star union against the dukerians.¬ And so he continues to this day.

*** This is all slightly inaccurate.***

Abilities : Adrian is a fully trained necromancer in the style of his home world. He is half elven and has some innate magical resources, largely though his spells and abilities are powered off the life force of other beings.¬ He is well built, strong and athletic, as well as graceful.¬ He is a very charming man and exudes a great deal of personal magnetism, only some of which is the result of magic.¬ There is very little he can't do, once he has access to your blood, even the smallest drop can give him access, so beware.¬ On top of this Adrian has become proficient in the technology possessed by Star Union and in 'Modern weapons' again as possessed by star union. He possess few to no moral qualms.¬ He is exceedingly capapble with sword, though not with bows and arrows.

Weaknesses : A thousand years underground would drive anyone understandably nuts. Partially as a result of this and his love/hate obsession with Foxx whom he views as his soul mate and betrayer, he is an exceedingly impatient man. Whatever he wants he wants. NOW. And Faster. Additionally he is subject ot sudden modd swings and flights of fancy. Sometimes he suffers attacks of agoraphobia, other times clastorphobia.¬ Bright lights hurt his eyes, and absolute darkness makes him edgy. He is extremely untrusting.

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