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Name: Ariana (Translation from an unwritten tongue roughly translated meaning Little Star)
Age: Irrelevant (immortal, approx 2000 yrs as a humanoid)
Race: *see below*
Height: Varies (Minor shape shifting abilities) 5'10-6'3
Hair: Black
Eyes: Varies, usually a shade of black which makes her pupils look like charcoal gray. Black is sometimes variegated with silver lines which compliment the charcoal appearance of her pupils exceedingly well (Minor shapeshifting ability includes the ability to alter her eye color at whim)

Sometimes history goes back so long it becomes legend, and when it goes back further than that it is called a myth.
And sometimes it shoots directly to being a myth.
When you gaze upwards to the universe above you at night and see the elaborate design of the heavens, in its ancient dance it often seems alive. And it is. And as with most societies it has rituals and histories, loves, politics, status, grudges.

Ariana was once a star, she was cast out approximately two thousand years ago and has since roamed across several worlds and galaxies. She is the second of her kind to experience such treatment, and no more have been cast out since her ignoble discharge.

Powers and Abilities:
Minor Shapeshifting abilities allow her to change hair, eye, skin and nail color or shape at will. It also allows her to increase or decrease her height most easily between the heights of 5'10 and 6'3, although with effort she can stretch or shrink a few more inches in either direction. Her form is always humanoid although she could add attributes of other creatures to it, or shift it mildly to gain them she doesn't see the point. Her brain is humanoid as well and incapable of processing the additional information having more sensitive ears ect would give her. Such activity would likely be restricted to a Halloween type event.

Food and drink both make Ariana's existence more comfortable, however are not necessary. As well she regards it as endearingly cute that other creatures need to breathe oxygen as she has no such need. It is possible that if she were deprived of energy in the form of lightwaves, heat or radiation for long enough she could 'starve' to death, however this is highly unlikely to happen. She drinks for fun, and has made quite a bit at drinking contests, she doesn't get drunk from alcohol. She does get drunk from water.

She carries at all times a small amulet which grants her a small ability to control water (Or other wet substances). Enough to mix mix a drink, or if she were to have one hand on the amulet and one over your heart, enough to stop the flow of blood to and from your heart. Technically speaking she could remove the water from the platelets and give you a blood clot anywhere in your body however it would take massive concentration and be very draining on her personal resources and is therefore highly unlikely.

More likely if she were called upon to defend herself, or if she felt inclined towards a battle she would release a light pulse from her hands. They come in approximately three sizes, small which is strong enough to knock one to three men off their feet, medium, which would take five to fifteen men off their feet, and large which providing she had sufficient resources saved could level up to four city blocks (although more usually it is restricted in force to the size which would only clear a single block). It would be exceedingly rare for her to have a stockpile of such resources, and more rare for her to use it. The one standing on the now completely empty field is an easy target. The large bursts tire her excessively it is conceivable that she could fire up to five,though with the full extent of her powers more than two would be highly unlikely, however she would not be standing afterwards. Of the medium bursts she could fire 5-15, and of the small bursts she could fire 15-20 before exhausting her resources. As well as these bursts she can exude exclusively heat or light although it takes a great deal more control for which she lacks the patience. Occasionally she will glow faintly or exude mild heat (Such as you would feel off a fevered person)unconsciously.

Luckily, Ariana is impervious to most wounds. Most magical blades will hurt her, as will lightsabers, however it takes a large amount of damage being inflicted before she will be hurt. Even when cut however she does not bleed. A 'cut' is actually a chunk of matter being removed from her body, and it does take a few of them before she is hurt. With each chunk which is removed Ariana is weakened as within her cells is where her energy resources are stored. To kill her you would pretty much have to chop her to small pieces, spread them out and douse them with water. Hit her with a mac truck once or twice and she should be weakened enough so you can start trying this.

Coupled with this is a fairly decent healing ability which is fueled again by light waves, radiation and less than the previous two heat. To recover from the aforementioned mac truck completely would probably take two to three weeks. What she judges the most vital resources are healed first. As her healing detracts significantly from her light bursts sometimes she will choose to 'restock' those supplies first, or forgo healing until she has reached a place she judges safe.

She carries no weapons, however is proficient with several forms of blaster, blow guns, most firearms, and cross bow. She is decent with a rapier or other slender blade(s) though does not carry her own. She finds up close fighting distasteful.

Ariana can be very self involved and arrogant. And while she will not often appear arrogant she will often appear self absorbed. She is conscious that arrogant doesn't help her cause, however she is almost entirely unaware that she is self absorbed. If she thinks the conversation is boring she is likely to play with her nail color and lose all track of it. She doesn't think at all about leaving what she has judged boring to try to get in on something she has judged interesting.
She has one strong attachment to her companion Alice whom she loves deeply and calls her sister. Alice is the source of the pendant she always carries.
Nonetheless she likes to be amoung people 'to see what they'll do' and to check out their clothes.

Clothing and Appearance: Ariana likes the color black it makes her startling eyes even more stunning, shows very well against her (usually) incredibly pale skin tone and it goes with everything. However she loves clothes and may be found in anything.

Her usual height is 5'11, her eyes are usually black with silver streaks, her skin is usually the pale white of milk or alabaster, and as smooth. Her nails are usually changing color unless she has decided on a color and focused on it.

Occupation: Ariana has large gold resources and usually has ample gold coins or change from said coins. When they run short and she is unable to access her supply she will often find local employment. She can craft fantastic creations from glass using sand and her natural abilities, although after one or two her focus leaves with her patience, and she has been engaged more reliably as a bounty hunter, assassin and mercenary in the past.

** Mystic Shoals Specific**

First Name :: Ariana

Age :: Immortal Approximately 2000 years 'here'

Occupation :: Drinking, occasional assassination/theft/arson/robbery/Honest Work

Personal Bio :: Ariana, 5'12 (Usually), brunette former 'Star'. Unknown life span. Highly impervious to injury extremely high healing capacity, regenerates faster at higher altitudes, high oxygen content and or gravity also slows healing. Minor shapeshifting ability, size, strength, hair, eye colour, similar to 'glamour' except is actual physical change. Can be between 5'5 and 6'8 in height, lift between 120 and 250 lbs. Often changes minor physical attributes on whim (hair colour/length, eye colour, nails, ears pierced/not, tattoo's ect, distinguishing marks therefore , actually aren't distinguishing marks).

No innate magical ability (ie. portaling spell casting) except glamour which she rarely uses. Carries an amulet created by Alice, contains part of Alice, gives Ariana VERY minor water manipulating abilities. Enough to mix a drink, ripples in a pond, or if she could get a hand on you and a hand on the amulet could stop the water part of your blood reaching your heart, or leaving. Has ability to cast 'light' bursts from hands or eyes (can in rare cases illuminate her entire body) when angry does occasionally glow. Bursts are blinding and deadly to any creature destroyed by the suns ray's. Bursts rarely project heat but when they do it is extremely hot and very draining of her abilities. Is quickly tired through projection of bursts. Dependant on size can cast a mild glow for 8-10 hours, a small burst up to twenty times, a medium sized one between five and fifteen times, and three large ones before powers are tapped. A large one infused with heat could clear an area approximately four city blocks square however Ariana would probably not be awake after casting it. A medium burst would clear a radius of 6-8 feet. A small one would take out one to three people, a distance of approximately 1-3 feet.

Website : Ariana's site

Particular to Mystic Shoals:
(Co-post between Ariana and Liannae)

Ariana didn't hate cards, there were only so many patterns and all of them vaguely recognizable to her regardless of the game. Still it passed the time and occasionaly a decent cheater would make things interesting. So she played, when she was bored and there was nothing else to do.

And she was bored. And there was nothing else to do. Another god forsaken rock, another tavern with piss poor wine.

Alice had jumped into the ocean two days before and gods knew when she'd be back hopefully within the next few years. Ariana wasn't worried; Alice would be back and as long as Ariana wore the amulet, Alice could find her.

The table was slowly shrinking though. Winning had been more or less split between Ariana and this other chick whatever her name was, and neither or them had lost much the odd time they'd lost anything. What'd been five was three now, and the way the man was sweating Ariana was shocked he hadn't slipped off his chair.

She sipped her wine slowly enjoying its rough texture as it slipped down her throat. Then met her opponents eyes, the name purred through her mind, Leeahnaye. Ariana smirked, she was probably going to win.

Then she lost.

Aggravation and curiousity began to course in her veins, and there they battled for several more hours.

The man, his shirt long lost passed out beneath the table a final hand and its wager standing between the two women. As Ariana spoke, her fingers, her manicured nails a swirling confusion of smoky grays, ethereal silvers and deathly blacks, slid across the top of her perfectly arranged cards "Right".

The woman appeared to be smirking. Ariana hated people who smirked.

In a moment she suspected the woman would be enquiring if she would continue.

Liannae's smirk turned into a fully fledged grin. She'd been watching her opponent for most of the night, and hadn't had to cut her throat out for cheating as she had actually expected to. Apart from that minor mistake on her perception front, everything else seemed to be right. Perfect.

"Will ye be continuin', or are ye callin it a ni'ht?" She inquired in her rough pirate brogue, something she had picked up centuries ago as a mere cabin wench - or bachelors wife depending on how you viewed the situation. "I be continuin, no' tha' it matter."

Her grin broadened. "Well wench, what will it be? Or canna ya meet the stakes?"

Ariana decided that her aggravation definitly overwhelmed her curiousity, all the more reason not to let the woman win. Regardless of her aggravation though, she couldn't meet the stakes. She checked her hand once more, then continued her aggravation showing in her purred accent.

"P'rhaps you spend you time going from one grappling hook to another, I do not, and am not a wench. Nev'theless I am unable to meet the stakes, and without any markers, if you'd take a promise I would most kindly as the common people put it 'whup your ass'"

Not that Ariana would feel overwhelmingly obliged to keep any such promise, after all it was made under duress. Really though, it didn't matter as she was going to win. She told herself. Again.

Liannae's eyes sparked with mingled amusement and curiosty. "An' what would be ye mark then lass?" She asked softly. "I hae witnesses… so don' you be lyin ta me."

Grinning, she yelled, "More rum an be quick abart it!"

Ariana restrained her giggles as she eyed the witnesses. Slope eyed drunks who were for the most part to drunk to bother finding a toliet to piss in, if one was to guess by the state of their breeches. Whores who were busied filling one need or another. And maybe a half dozen assorted cut throats, theives, pirates, or mongrels of the above mentioned breeds. She was *So* *Frightened*

"Service?" she offered with a twitch of an eyebrow and an amused twist of her lip.

Liannae's dagger was in her hand before she even thought of it. "Ya had better be meanin menial service, or I be cuttin ye a new breathin hole… Protective service… aye. I be needin a bit a that at the moment I'll admit…" She turned to one of the oggling crowd, "Ye eyes belon' in ya head man, put em back in 'fore I do it for ye!"

Her face serious, she looked to Ariana. "A period at me own discretion?" She asked cooly.

Ariana cooly stared at the dagger before it twisted away. It never ceased to amaze her how people, even those who frequented places like this, thought it would be impressive to wave weapons in the air in front of her face. Waving it in her eyeball, in her chest, her gut, perhaps, A mild twist in a thigh. In the air? Where was the threat?

"I assure you, my services are anything but menial. Further, as I am not a wench they are not currently of that breed. Further still . ." here she paused til Liannae had warily sunk into her seat "Were my services in that direction I would be several kingdoms away from your income bracket".

"As for your discretion, I'd stand in its emminent, beautiful, and lofty shadow five minutes before I felt compelled to lighten it, five days were I graced with some bucolic disease. If you don't mind my growing ill we shall have an agreement. Now are you playing or are you just breathing in my face?"

Liannae had to admit, she was impressed by the strangers coolness. "Aye, I'm in, an I'll take ya wa'ger. But I'll be tellin ye now… I win… and ya wont have nowhere ta be off ta in five day." As almost an afterthought she added, "So an entire treasury is out of your income bracket then?"

For the briefest moment, her high-born accent was allowed to play, hinting at another side to the many-faceted pirate in front of the other woman. She laid down her hand with a distinctly cheshire cat-like grin.

"Royal flush."

Ariana examined the cards Liannae layed on the table before her, the ones Ariana had previously delicately held, crumpled in an angry hand. Her eyes met those of the other woman "Rather the entire treasury is still several kingdoms treasuries short, of my income bracket, ma'am" the cards ignited faster than they could burn and were less than ashes before their disappearance noted.

"P'rhaps you'd care to leave before that last flagon of rum? I don't think the man who has been plying your waitress will take kindly to its refusal".

Liannae's hand was swift, swifter than the somewhat empty threat of before, and it was a bloody dagger that joined her flagon of rum on the table a few moments later.

"Wha' man?" She asked, raising her eyebrows for a moment. "Aye, we'll leave soon enou'h. I'll be havin tae explain ye to the cap'n." She grinned again as she wiped her dagger. "As for the tres'ry… I'll be swearin' it be more empty since I be leavin'…" She'd seen to that.

An hour, and several flagons of rum later, Liannae took her "prize" to her captain.

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