Character Details - Foxxfire Evenstar (Caliginous)

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Age : 600 ish ~ Inexact due to Dimensional Travel.

Height : 5'2

Hair Colour : Red, with occasional Gold highlights.

Eye Colour : Foxxfire's eyes are Blue with speckles of gray lending them a blue grey appearance most of the time. The happier she is the less gray. When she engages in minor magic green will appear, first as flecks, eventually coming to ring the iris. When immersed in use of The Force (To the greatest of her current abilities), or when she has engaged in a substantial amount of magic (Unlikely under curent circumstances as she has only recently overcome magical burn out and is strongly resistant to tapping into the skills taught her primarily by Adrian) her eyes will become almost entirely green with only flecks of gray remaining.

Build : Athletic, Toned.

Weight : approximately 110lbs terran

Race : Half 'Elven', Half 'Human', from sector 12 planet 113

Occupation : Information and Resource Collection Expert, Dukerian Forces (counter Star Union)

Weapons : Archer's Sword, Cross Bow, occasionally carries a *Blaster*.

Abilities : Currently fully trained and inculcated as a Necromancer to the fullest extent of knowledge from her home galaxy (Plus bits and pieces picked up along the way, including portaling and handfire/balefire [Rarely used]), mildly force sensitive/enhanced . . mild 'pathing ability can *encourage* minds in a certain direction as well as use force enhanced speed, when she thinks to tap into it. Premonitions do not occur often or strongly possibly as a result of hypnotic dulling of her Force abilities.

Bonds : Recently savaged bond to Adrian Mot'Pev'Reihn believed deceased, recent bond to Dukerian Jedisi Duker Duck enabling one way telepathic communications (She is in stage two of the Dukerian Genetic Force Enhancement process).

Family : Deceased

Personality : ~ (Under development) ~ Foxx has recently taken a couple hard hits, She murdered her bondmate/husband/fellow overthrower of her former world order, attempted suicide, semi-joined the Dukerian cause (After its leader rescued her from her most sucessful┬ suicide attempt), and is currently trying to find her way. She has tossed as much of herself as she could/can find into her work as possible and doesn't want to think much beyond ten minutes from now.

She is mildly unstable and currently unhappy with the Dukers. She is two thirds of the way through a genetic modification process which is changing her physically and mentally and is somewhat uncertain she likes the results.

History : Foxx was raised by her father on a planet two dimensions and three galaxys to the left of here. Upon the death of her father she was consumed with grief and went a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit crazy. She was from this by Adrian Mot'Pev'Riehn who was currently attempting to take over the world upon which they both lived. Generally he was sucessful. At what would have been the largest battle Foxx found herself subject to second thoughts. Pretty large doubts in fact. Unable to reconcile her (And Their) actions with what she felt was right she dropped a mountain on her bondmate/husband Adrian. The pain and grief she felt at the severing of their bond drove her even crazier than she had been before. Unfortunately the final spell which had led to her (presumed) murder of Adrian also bonded her lifeforce with her planets. As such her suicide attempts failed, over and over.

Beyond all hope she portaled as far out into space as she could send herself only to find herself picked up by the Dukerians. She was revived and recruited by Duker Duck for whom she currently serves as an information and resource retrieval expert.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Alexandria Karlsen
Angelica Bridges