Character Details - Foxxfire Evenstar (Regular version)

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Foxxfire Evenstar

Physical Description:

Name: Foxxfire Tirian Aravis Evenstar
Meaning of Name: None/Unknown.
Nicknames/Aliases: Foxx, Foxxy, 
Race: Half Elven
Age: Over 1000, under 3000. Inexact due to dimensional travel and time stream shifts.
Apparent Age (if different): Young-mid Twenties
Height: 5’2
Build/Weight: Athletic, with some tone but not very muscled. Foxx spends far too much time in bars to aquire real muscles, aside from those required for mixing drinks and granted by genetic blessings. Approx 115lbs.
Hair: Bright red, with copper and gold highlights.  Often worn in a ponytail.
Eyes: Blue with bits of green and grey.  Use of the Force or Magic will increase the amount of green, and the grey (an after effect of her now broken bond with Duker) is fading out.
Complexion: Pale with occasional sunburn and some freckles.
Identifying Marks :  Bond Mark from Bond shared with Marius Agrippa, a scattering of what appears to be freckles across one hip.  These move closer or farther apart depending on the state of the bond.  Otherwise none.
Clothing: Foxxfire is usually attired in black or brown leather pants and a form fitting t-shirt or loose white blouse (button up front) which may or may not be over a tank top.
Personal Items usually carried: Sword, Dagger, Knapsack, Elastic bands, sometimes a fairy sack given her by Aerimara which despite its tiny size can hold any number of things. Some of which are larger than the bag itself. Other odds and ends.
Personal Information:
Personality: Happy go lucky, good sense of humour, flexible, eager to embrace the current thing and then to move to the next, hungry for experience. Foxx seems to need movement and fullness around her to feel alive. When surrounded by quiet Foxx often finds herself at something of a loss. This is reflected in something of a lack of consistency. Because she is so impulsive she does sometimes lack follow through (Although never intentionally) and she often feels at least a little disappointed in herself when she doesn’t live up to her commitments.  Currently she is prone to fits of sadness or depression due to the unexpected demise of Duker Duck.
Foxxfire is deeply loyal to those she considers friends or family, and is very protective of them.  As well, while she won’t go looking for a fight, or finding one necessarily leap out guns a’blazin’ she has keen sense of what is fair and will intercede if something she doesn’t think is right is going on.  In play she’ll smash cake into anyones face, tickle, send elastic bands flying and if needed portal in massive amounts of jello, but in a real fight she’ll fight dirty.  ‘Cause either she didn’t start it, or the other person deserves it.  Excepting of course in something like the tournament at the Diirlathe, Which is a whole different story honour fair play and all that.
Occupation: So Many Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. Answers. No official job title. Extensive Bar Experience. Has worked as a Pirate. And a Doctor.  Trust her. She’ll make you feel better.
Skills and Abilities:
Weapons Used: Foxxfire's most important weapon is an Archer's Sword, crafted during her time with Adrian Pev'Reihn. Despite a rather plain appearance, it is magical, spelled to absorb, manipulate and/or redirect life energy with ease. The blade is also tied to her life force and cannot be lost or stolen, unless she prefers it that way. While the above blade is her most important weapon, Foxx far prefers the cross bow if going into battle. She doesn't feel the death her when she kills with it, and she is much less likely to die if the other guy is dead first. Once upon a time Foxx was all fresh from battle and from that learned important stuff like, its better for the other guy to be dead. A few centuries on the inventory/research side with the Dukerians and avoiding all that nasty death and destruction stuff softened things up a bit but she’s still pretty determined to be on the living side.  Her time with the Dukerians is also where she picked up her medical training. Foxx also often carries daggers and while proficient, prefers not to use them having developed distaste for up close death. Due to her time in other dimensions she is also skilled with blasters, and phasers . She does not carry them into cultures where they would be overly foreign though for a myriad of (mostly pragmatic) reasons
Magical Abilities : Foxx has a strange combination of magic and force abilities due to her unique (and somewhat genetically  manipulated) make up. With ease she can create portals, communicate telepathically, breathe underwater (or more specifically through her skin). With mild effort she can levitate items, and view and track the energy make up of living things (although over distance this is more difficult).  With lots of effort she can manipulate (in minor ways) the energy make up of living things.  I’m sure there's stuff I’m forgetting here. She also has access to 'The Force'. She uses that primarily to 'store' the energy she uses for magic, as well as for telekinesis, and telepathic communication. She can use 'jedi mind tricks' however at her skill level they only work on the weak minded or distracted, therefore rending it a fairly useless skill in magic based worlds.  Perhaps due to the fact she was not born with her force abilities premonitions are rare and indistinct when they occur at all to her, presenting more as a feeling of unease and instability.  Duker long held that through more meditation, greater focus and contemplation her Force abilities would increase. Foxx does not carry a lightsaber having never completed one of her own, however she is capable of using the weapon.
Background Information:
History:  Born. Got bigger. Still here. Expanded below.
Marital Status: See Bonds/History.
Children: None of her own. She likes other peoples, especially if they are clever and or devious.  Probably because there isn’t a large difference in mentality between herself and most clever and or devious 11 year olds.
Blood or Soul Bonds: Marius Agrippa.  Scattering of freckles on their hips that drift closer and farther apart depending on the strength of the bond any given time.  Previously bonded to Duker Duck and Adrian Mot'Pev'Riehn
Other Family: Foxxfire is the Adopted Granddaughter of Galain Alcarin, refered to Duker Duck as Brother, and maintains close friendships with a number of other people.
Brief History : Foxx was raised by her father on a planet two dimensions and three galaxies to the left of everywhere. Upon the death of her father she was consumed with grief and went a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit crazy. She was *rescued* from this by Adrian Mot'Pev'Riehn who was attempting to take over the world upon which they both lived. Generally he was successful. At what would have been the largest battle Foxx found herself subject to second thoughts.  Pretty large doubts in fact. Unable to reconcile her (And their) actions with what she felt was right she dropped a mountain on her bond-mate/husband Adrian. The pain and grief she felt at the severing of the bond drove her even crazier than she had been before. Unfortunately the final spell which had led to her (presumed) murder of Adrian also bonded her life force with the planets. As such her suicide attempts failed, over and over.
Beyond all hope she portaled as far out into space as she could send herself only to find herself picked up by the Dukerians. She was revived and recruited by Duker Duck and had many adventures while employed as an information and resource retrieval expert.. She is currently considered 'on leave' from this position. While with the Dukerians she also received substantial medical training and was briefly engaged to Jian Antilles.
Foxxfire and Duker bonded during a critical battle granting them each unrestricted access to each others minds. This bond continues to shortly after Laer and they refer to each other as brother and sister.
On leave from her travels with Duker and the Dukerians she would discover The Two Towers and the Green Heart Inn, both of these places would become her home, and for a time she ran The Two Towers inheriting its proprietership from AnThaya D'riel, though eventually circumstances led to its closure. She considers 'home' to be Berelath, though she also maintains rooms/suites/apartments on various other worlds including Ingraleis, The Diirlathe, Correllia and Rikers Asteroid, and previously on her brothers (now destroyed) flagship, wherever it happens to be. She also maintains a fridge and kitchen drawer in the Transdimensional Hotel and Spa both of which are exceedingly well stocked with some very creative items.
A few months after Laer (Before ROTQ) Foxx's bond with Duker Duck was broken (as was a remaining tendril of her bond to Adrian).  She retains her force capabilities due to their basis in nanotechnological modifications however certain things have changed. For instance her eye colour is now predominantly blue or blue-green.  she no longer has any bonds,  except with Marius.  Ewan Andrade was assigned to 'supervise' her independent actions to insure they did not expose the Dukerians to undue risk, or result in her death. A tertiary concern was to monitor the nanoids.
After several significant battles the Dukerians, also known as Gold Union, lost their stronghold, and were been forced to retreat. Duker was killed when Star Union ambushed his fleet in the attempt to establish a new home base. Ewan joined the reigning council however the Dukerian army is in dissarray swamped by Beauracracy and political infighting it is clear the cause cannot survive much longer. Foxx grieving for her adopted brother, and never very strongly attached to the cause, has returned to the worlds she considers home.

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Isla Fisher
Caitlen Fairchild (comic book character)