Character Details - Corianna

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 9-Apr-2006 12:47:45 pm

Height: 5'6
Hair:  Waist length red hair
Eyes:  ocean blue

Age:  453

Distinguishing marks:   In the water it would be her fins.  Out of the water she has blue scales on the backsides of her hands, feet, and stomache.    And slightly webbed fingers.

Jewlery:   A shell held with braided ironwood carved with two C's on it.  This was a childhood gift from Catherine her best friend.

History;    Corianna is a child of Garden.  She lives in the oceans their, but is capable of being off-land for long periods of time as long as she drinks salt-water frequently.    She was responsible for leading several visitors on a merry chase at Garden.  And her way of greeting all men is to kiss them soundly.  It doesn't mean much, its just her nature.

She's rather a bit of a siren and tends to flirt something fierce.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Maureen O'hara