Character Details - Justin Rain

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Height: 5'9"
Hair:  shocking red hair
Eyes:  electric blue

Age:  1,212

Distinguishing marks:  A bondmark of a rose and mountain on his wrist.   Signifying his mating with his wife Mirë Urdrul.  

Jewlery:  None at this time

Family;  Husband to Mirë.  Father Triplets with Mirë Urdrul,  Melessa, Axell, and Erren (2 boys one girl)

Long before Gardenworld was opened back to the portals. Long before Catherine was sent out as a emissary Justin figured out how to get off his world. He wasn't happy gardening, and he was bored with being trapped in one place. This left him unable to return home for many years.

He resented his family, and resented his past. He's looking for adventure in whatever form it comes. He's a mild rogue.

His elfish and pixie nature war at each other. He didn't stay home long enough to resolve those issues. He appears adult, but acts like a child many days. He has the same magic abilities that Catherine does, but is limited in his use of them because he failed to stay for training.

He can heal, if he can calm his own emotions down. His wings when he can get them to appear are luminesence. He can change form, but may not be able to get back to his own original one. He tends to panic when he realizes his magic won't do what he thought it should.

For weapons he chooses to use what's available. Chairs, anchors, rocks. He's never gotten organized enough to actually LEARN a weapon. Basically he's a bumbling idiot.

But quite loveable, and extremely loyal inspite of himself.


Present Day; After many years of wandering when Gardenworld was re-opened he snuck back home. Its possible he was the one who planted the weed in the Gardenworld story. Time will tell. Things have been resolved with his family, but he has spent time at home healing, and learning the skills he SHOULD have learned before he left the first time.

After a time of exploration in the outside world a second time Justin landed in Brendar Valley just in time for a wedding.  While there he met the bride's sister Mirë Urdrul.   They dallied in the herb garden, came out smelling like mint, and expecting triplets.  In due time the children were born, and eventually Justin moved them all to Garden.   After the events of Scorched Justin's father decided to step down, and give his responsibilities of Caretaker to Justin.

Justin is now struggling to fill the shoes his father gave him, and working on delegating, making changes, and learning as he goes. 

Justin has since been forced to lead his planet through an invasion, and with the joining of all the races they managed to defeat the female barnacle that attacked.  As a result he has let go of much of his authority, and realize much more on the counsel of the varying races of the world, as he had hoped he could.  He still however retains the title of Chief Caretaker. 

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