Character Details - TresElf

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 22-Nov-2005 1:34:41 am

Older sister to G'den. One of the many reasons he never talks about his side of the family.

Tres age is 2,532 (give or take) Physical appearance; 20 somethings.

Physical features; 5'10, black spider tatoo on her right shoulder, and red jagged scar on the inside of her left thigh.

Weapons; She prefers to use herself as a weapon. She is well-trained in several of the darker martial arts. Her fingernails are painted with a special thickening agent which makes them rather like steal. She keeps these between one and two inches long most days. She also has a dagger in each boot...don't let her get to them.

History; She grew up with her parents raised under their loving care until she was well over a 100 years old. Her brother left to go to to visit a girl and while he was gone she was brutally raped shortly after her parents were killed by the rapist. She took the rape to give her young daughter a chance to hide. And when the rapist left her thinking she was dead she built up the stamina to burn the house as a funeral pyre in her golden dragon state and fled with her daughter.

She brought her daughter to a fresh world, and immediately passed out due to her injuries. Her daughter wandered off and was adopted, she was left with amnesia.
She has travelled for almost 2,000 years hoping for the pieces of her life to come together. She has managed to discover her dragon self. It was hard not to miss with the golden scales on her hands.

She has discovered her magic. She's quite adept at it. She walks a fine line between good and evil slipping over into evil quite frequently, though one would not call her truely evil. She hates bald men, but has no idea why.   She has no memory of her childhood or her brother.   

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Victoria Pratt